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Why Casago is the Better Choice

Casago Property Management has been in the business of providing excellent care and service for Mexican vacation rentals since 1996. Additionally, we are the highest rated company for fulfilling owner and guest wishes alike since 2001.

Your property will have a competent onsite manager to ensure guests want to return again and again because they had such a pleasurable experience. Every property managed and backed by Casago has a validated five-star rating.

This rating is a combination of patron responses on surveys and evaluation by professional property managers. If you need an additional reason why we are supreme, the reservation you book online or via phone is the property that awaits when you arrive, guaranteed.

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Making money from your vacation home isn’t as simple as just putting a listing up on a website and hoping for the best. You have to know what you’re doing. How well, or poorly, a property is managed directly impacts how profitable it will be. To make the most of your investment it’s a wise choice to hire an expert.

In the FREE guide, you’ll learn the difference between a poor property manager and one that cares about you and your investment for as long as you own it.

You’ll learn the secret to knowing that you’ve chosen the right steward for your property who protects you and your vacationers from disreputable activity.

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Casago Property Management Makes your Dream Vacation a Reality

Properties managed by a landlord could mean you have difficulty accessing them, especially when you are new in that country. Anything could go wrong or you may have concerns about the property. With the locales managed by Casago, a property manager is there to make sure your vacation proceeds smoothly.

You can select to stay in more rural areas for close proximity to historic landmarks, or you can instead opt for a reservation in the more popular tourist districts. Furthermore, Casago Property Management furnishes reputable services to help you explore the destination you choose to unwind on your next vacation.

It is our utmost pleasure and duty to assist you as you plan your future getaway. We want to help you get the vacation rental that best suits your desires and budget as well. After perusing our website and you find you have questions, you can reach us at 602-288-8966 (US and Canada) or 638-383-0700 (Mexico).

Our Most Popular Vacation Rental Destinations


Cancun is the ideal locale if you want to cut loose and party or relax near profound blue waters on picturesque beaches. The area’s subtropical climate makes it a fantastic vacation rental destination all year long. Cancun is notorious for partying, but you can likewise get in touch with nature as well.

You will have the chance to swim with dolphins and traverse through the jungle on a river raft. Not many people will be able to say they have had such an experience! Moreover, you will be able to get your hands on authentic Mexican apparel and crafts since Cancun has a variety of malls. If you want more high-end fashion, you will have access to the biggest brand names as well by visiting Las Plazas Outlet Cancun.

Cancun Mexico

La Paz

La Paz encompasses seven luxe neighborhoods that give you access to premier private beaches and shopping plazas. The property management team overseeing your La Paz vacation rental is there to make certain that you receive an incomparable experience. The amenities are as outstanding as the customer service you will receive here.

Casago Property Management’s longevity in the business enables us to get the best deals from property owners. What this means for you is a potential discount up to 20%. You can ultimately select to temporarily reside in a condo, villa or La Paz resort rental.

Resorts provide everything you need at the tips of your fingers. You will have access to fine cuisine on-site, and you can momentarily escape from daily household chores such as laundry and washing dishes. The resort will handle those pesky necessities so you can enjoy all La Paz has to offer.

A resort is a particularly good choice for you if you want to meet new people on your travels. You will return into people from all walks of life at a resort and get to mingle with them poolside or in the private marina. Condos can provide you all of the same features and benefits as a resort excluding room service.

A condo vacation rental will give you the pleasantry of getting away from home, yet you still retain a sense of privacy due to the nature of the property. Casago Property Management has the competency to weed through condos in La Paz to guide you and help separate the good from the bad.

If you desire even more poshness and luxury, a villa can give you the seclusion you desire. Villas are a freestanding property that provide you and your loved ones with more space. This tends to include a private yard and possibly even staff such as maids and concierges to bring the perks of a resort to your villa rental.

Playa del Carmen

By the looks of it today, you would never realize that Playa del Carmen was formerly a fishing village. Playa del Carmen emits a tranquil aura that offers the perfect combination of thrills and repose. The fascinating city has options for villa and resort rentals to make lodging enjoyable and comfortable.

Playa del Carmen villas will give you astounding views from lush green hilltops that permit you to see all around you. Beach lovers will adore the oceanside villas that put them in the closest proximity to the water.

Some of these villas contain a patio, direct beach access or even a private pool. The options are endless at Playa del Carmen, and Casago Property Management can help you choose the vacation rental to best accommodate your needs.

A resort vacation rental will put you smack into the heart and action of the city. Golf fanatics can play on the lush greenery of Hotel Pure Mareazul Riviera Maya acclaimed golf course.

There are on-site restaurants to keep you fueled for bike rides or a pampering day in the spa. Of course, there are a number of water activities you can engage in to keep you busy. Other options include a horseback ride along the beach or venturing into an authentic jungle.

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is among the most popular vacation destinations due to its endless list of water activities and hallmark dolphinarium. The scope of vacation rentals in Puerto Aventuras is extremely broad, which means there is something to suit every budget. You can choose to get up close and personal with a beachfront rental, or you can rent a gated condo to make you feel more safe.

Your vacation rental will be fully furnished and house a kitchen so that it will be just like home. The vacation rental you choose in Puerto Aventuras will put you in the perfect position to walk a short distance for shopping and other tourist activities.

Natural beauty is rampant in Puerto Aventuras, and you can witness this firsthand with a visit to the butterfly pavilion in the Xcaret eco-archaeological park. You can feel completely safe when booking a trip to Puerto Aventuras for your entire family since the city is extremely family-friendly.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta opens the door for you to go to isolated beaches to enjoy the crashing waves in near solitude. It is another former fishing village that has an unbelievable aesthetic appeal that brings tourists from all over the world.

Our property management company is here to help you discover the villa or resort that will be an integral part of your vacation. A villa will give you and your loved ones a luxurious abode with the comforts of any resort. However, you can save some dollars by sidestepping expensive valet parking.

Additionally, you will not have room service, but the spacious kitchen will let you prepare your favorite meals to fill your belly without paying the costly fees. Choosing to stay in a villa similarly immerses you into the culture more so you can truly experience Puerto Vallarta from the eyes of a native through the decor and feel of their home.

Puerto Vallarta resorts overseen by our property management company are more suitable for you if you want everything handled without you being the one to do so. Regardless of the time of day or night, you will have someone there to respond to your concerns and ensure your needs are met.

Resorts allot you more flexibility with your check-in and check-out timeframes. They are the perfect choice for a quick getaway, or you would like residing in a resort if you do not know how long you plan to visit the area.

While in Puerto Vallarta, you will certainly want to drop by the oceanside Malecon. Here you will be exposed to the finest entertainment available. Shopping is always an option in Puerto Vallarta as in other vacation destinations. Those seeking something more laid-back can go watch Humpback Whales for a unique, refreshing experience.

Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit is the idyllic destination if you want something more subdued and under the radar. The city will provide the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle found in any metropolitan area. Mild temperatures make the village-packed Riviera Nayarit a comfortable place to visit.

A property management company will help you sort the details of your trip to make sure everything unfolds as you envisioned. Bucerias is a small jewel inside Riviera Nayarit. The town is framed by land and sea. On one side, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, while the other side is framed by the Western Sierra Madre Mountains.

The former fishing village has antiquated cobblestone streets that were laid by hand that provide a rustic feel, and you will love the true serenity you can find on the quiet beaches here in Bucerias.

While here, you will have the opportunity to craft your own glass artwork and prepare authentic Mexican dishes with the guidance of a native. Resorts in Riviera Nayarit have property management and gated communities to provide the utmost security for our residents.

Riviera Nayarit condos furnish a patio and porch to give you all the space you need for a luxurious stay even while outside of your rental property. Despite the privacy you will enjoy, you will still be close to all of the entertainment and shopping the area has to offer.

Rocky Point

Opting to stay in Rocky Point means you choose to stay in one of the country’s most whimsical locations. Rentals in Rocky Point are wonderful because you will have a firsthand view of the beautiful ocean without compromising your access to the city’s primary attractions.

Your rental property will be equipped with the most modern amenities to keep things extra posh. In contrast to hotels, however, you will still come out paying less for the luxury you want and deserve.

Casago Property Management has a phenomenal A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which means we can help you discover the most luxurious rental properties for the best price with the best customer service. A resort rental may not be as close to the water, but you can still marvel at its beauty from your veranda and get a breathtaking view.

It is often the case that hotels are more inland, so you will not be as close to the oceanside. You will, however, be close to the most exciting features of the city and its prime tourist attractions.

San Carlos

San Carlos will leave you breathless with its picture-perfect postcard sunsets and sandy beaches. The resort town is enclosed by the Tetakawi Mountain and has crystal clear waters. Casago Property Management is well-versed on the resorts that free you from the constraints of your typical day to day life. We can answer any questions with our expertise to help your family vacation be memorable for a lifetime.

Wi-fi Internet keeps you connected so that you can surf the web or stream movies from the web. Plus, the luxurious spas and dining selections will pamper your senses and muscles until you relax into complete bliss. Villas, on the other hand, will give you significantly more space and are more practical for longer stays in San Carlos.

If you choose to rent a condo in San Carlos, you will get more premium amenities such as a jacuzzi and large yard for playing and leisure activities for the family. Get lost in the gem that is San Carlos as you snorkel the day away with majestic creatures and explore new heights by climbing the Tetakawi Mountain.