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Casago Vacation Rental Property Management Services

Casago is an integrated property management company that gives homeowners stress-free home management services and excellent vacation rentals. We serve Mexico and the United States across a dozen regions. Whether you want to transform your rental experience or expand your property revenues, our superior services are tailored for you in various ways

More Affordable Rates

Our principal at Casago is to ensure you earn first before we do. You also have the advantage of getting excellent rental management services at discounted prices. For instance, most companies charge 30% to 50% of your bookings, but we only charge 18%! We are transparent with our services with monthly revenue reporting covering payments, dates of reservations, and other activities on your rentals

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Tips and Help With Your Investment Property

Full-time Management Solutions

We take every concern seriously. That is why we pay attention to all details and queries; our marketing professionals work full-time to give your guests the best experience. Also, our customer support team is available 24/7 to provide you with full-time booking services.

An Integrated System

Casago Company integrates two seasoned companies – Signature Vacation Rentals and Sea Side Reservations – that have been serving homeowners and travelers in the US and Mexico. With the expertise brought in by this merge, you have the best property management services and excellent vacation rentals.

Smarter and More Secure System

We use advanced technological tools to give you a more interactive platform. The online system ensures safe payments, billing, and bookings.

Command More Bookings

Our property management services are meant to drive more bookings for your home. We assemble customer reviews from your guests to help promote your property across online platforms like social media. Indeed, guests will be willing to share their memorable encounters and drive higher bookings – more revenue!

Total Stress-free Services

We manage the whole process in rentals to give zero worries. We screen your guests, help establish effective regulations and guidelines, strategize on how to minimize your property maintenance costs, handle every guest issues, offer free online information to grow your business and many other additional services.

Exceptional Guest Experience

Your guests’ happiness is paramount. From their check-ins, our team will guide the guests through all aspects vital during their stay. We answer all their calls, give them interactive and supportive apps, guides for the area and the rental unit, and all details for reservation.

Higher Conversion Rates

It is all about your business – growing your revenues through higher booking rates. Our team of qualified marketing and sales professionals will advertise your homes in multiple online channels, targeting travelers who are likely to make a booking. The sites are more than 25, among them the authoritative VRBO.

Unmatched Long-term Bonding

Our professional services tailored to building close bonding with homeowners for long-term deals. Our staff members are well compensated to aid with these relationships. Besides, they are online full-time and ready to help you and your clients. Full-time local in-person support is available as well to build trust and provide unparalleled services.