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Tim and Stacy Newman have been entrepreneurs for over 25 years and are happy to be a part of the Casago family! Tim has held his Real Estate Brokers license since 2001, and they have owned real estate brokerages since 2002. Originally from the Kansas City Missouri area, they moved their family to Gulf Shores in 2010 seeking a warmer climate and to spend more time outdoors throughout the year.

Having sold many condos and beach houses for clients, they decided in 2019 to launch Gold Star Vacation Rentals from the vision of wanting to offer the best service to homeowners while also creating lasting memories for their guests and their families.

In fact, being servants to both owners and guests is what they enjoy the most. Knowing that their owners’ properties receive 5-star reviews from guests’ experience is truly the driving force behind the couple and their team at Gold Star Vacation Rentals.

And it’s all about presentation for them! The biggest difference between their company and others is the presentation of the property from the time the guest walks in. From snow white linens that are fully washed and sanitized between each stay, to a thorough cleaning with a secondary inspection of the unit, to all the little things in between, such as having coffee and creamers available upon arrival—guests will surely feel the difference!

That’s why joining Casago was seen as a great opportunity. They see how Casao will help take the growth of Gold Star Vacation Rentals to the next level. With the many tools offered for both broader exposure of the homes and condos they manage, to increasing owners’ investment revenue—they are in alignment with the Casago vision from the small details to the incredible software and support.

Being very family oriented and nearly empty nesters, they spent many years serving as volunteer coaches in their children’s sports activities as well as supporting the local community theater. They are also members of the local chamber of commerce and like to help families in need anonymously.
So join the Newmans at Gold Star Vacation Rentals, powered by Casago, and discover a new standard in vacation enjoyment. Experience the stunning Gulf Shores, Alabama firsthand while they take care of the details for you.
Your unforgettable Gulf Shores experience is just a booking away!

Vacation rentals in Gulf Shores

Welcome To Gulf Shores, Alabama

Welcome to Gulf Shores, Alabama—a place where the sun shines brighter, the sand is softer, and life is just sweeter.
Can you picture it? A whopping 90% of visitors do, choosing the scenic route to reach the world-class sugar-sand beaches. They opt for the road trip, making their journey part of the adventure. And what an adventure it is! With affordable travel options and a plethora of activities, Gulf Shores offers an experience like no other.
Imagine spending your day deep-sea fishing, feeling the thrill of the catch. Or how about challenging yourself on one of our championship golf courses? Maybe you’d prefer a memorable visit to the Gulf Coast Zoo or a day filled with laughter and excitement at the local water and amusement parks? For those seeking relaxation, Gulf Shores sun-kissed sands offer the perfect retreat, with the soothing rhythm of the waves as your lullaby.
Families find a special kind of magic in Gulf Shores. Parents and children alike create lasting memories, thanks to our diverse attractions and warm hospitality. Our peak season spans from Spring Break through mid-August, including the bustling Memorial Day weekend. Don’t miss the resurgence of activity during Labor Day weekend and Fall Break in October, when Gulf Shores host the celebrated National Shrimp Festival!

But if you’re someone who prefers a quieter pace, Gulf Shores has you covered. Consider visiting during the low season, from November through February. The best times for that quintessential beach experience are June, July, and August, but don’t overlook the charm of the mild winters. Fall, with its comfortable temperatures in the upper 70’s and mid 80’s, is fast becoming a favorite season among visitors.
So, why wait? Dive headfirst into the unique experiences that Gulf Shores, Alabama has to offer. Enjoy a vacation that is not only affordable but filled with fun, sun, and enduring memories. Gulf Shores is more than a destination; it’s a state of mind!

FAQs About Gulf Shores

What are the top 3 attractions or points of interest you would recommend to someone visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama?

If Gulf Shores, Alabama is on your travel itinerary, prepare to be captivated. This coastal beauty teems with attractions designed to pique every interest. Allow us to guide you to the top three points of interest that promise an unforgettable experience:
Kickstart your adventure at the OWA Water/Amusement Park. Offering more than just a splash, it’s a dual water and amusement park designed to deliver an immersive experience. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-fueled rides or tranquil floats down the lazy river, OWA seamlessly blends fun with excitement. It’s the ideal destination for families and thrill-seekers alike, offering a myriad of activities that ensure every moment spent here is filled with joy and exhilaration.
Next, step into the paradise that is Waterville USA. Spanning 20 acres, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill water park. From thrilling water slides and a wave pool to a lazy river and an on-site amusement park, Waterville USA is a testament to variety and entertainment. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast craving the rush of high-speed slides or a tranquility seeker preferring a leisurely float along the lazy river, Waterville caters to all preferences.
Last but certainly not least, complete your Gulf Shores exploration with a trip to the Naval Air Museum, home to the iconic Blue Angels. This museum offers an exclusive peek into the world of naval aviation, showcasing historic aircraft displays and hosting thrilling flight demonstrations. It’s a fascinating journey through time and technology that captivates visitors of all ages.
Each of these attractions provides a unique taste of what makes Gulf Shores so remarkable. Don’t just visit; immerse yourself in the Gulf Shores experience. Make time during your vacation to explore these extraordinary attractions and discover the magic of Gulf Shores for yourself. Your adventure awaits!

What are the best places for seafood in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

If you’re a seafood aficionado, Gulf Shores, Alabama is nothing short of a culinary paradise. The city is renowned for its exceptional seafood restaurants, each offering a unique blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. We put together a list of the best places to enjoy seafood in Gulf Shores:

  • Doc’s Seafood Shack & Oyster Bar: A local favorite, Doc’s is known for its mouth-watering oysters and diverse seafood offerings. It’s a place where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy some of the best seafood in town.

  • Fish River Grill: This spot offers a more casual dining experience but doesn’t compromise on flavor. Their menu boasts a variety of seafood dishes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

  • Original Oyster House Boardwalk: With its waterfront location and fresh, flavorful seafood, it’s no wonder this restaurant is a hit with both locals and tourists.

  • Acme Oyster House: This iconic establishment serves up some of the best oysters in the area, along with an array of other seafood delights.

  • The Cove Bar & Grill: A great spot for those looking to combine their love of seafood with a lively atmosphere.

  • DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen: An award-winning restaurant known for its fresh seafood, chicken, pasta, steak, and home-style southern sides.

  • Zeke’s Restaurant: Acclaimed for its Gulf Shores Shrimp, Zeke’s is a must-visit for shrimp lovers.

  • Bahama Bobs: Offering a beachside dining experience, Bahama Bobs serves up a variety of seafood dishes that perfectly complement the stunning views.

What are the biggest main events in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

If you’re seeking excitement and entertainment in Gulf Shores, Alabama, you’re in for a treat.
One of the most anticipated events is the Flora-Bama Mullet Toss. This unique gathering combines fun, food, and a bit of friendly competition. Participants gather to throw a mullet from Florida into Alabama, hence the name. It’s more than just a quirky fish-flinging event; it’s a beloved tradition that brings the community together year after year.
Next on the list is the National Shrimp Festival. As one of the city’s largest annual events, this festival attracts seafood lovers from near and far. With mouth-watering shrimp dishes prepared by local chefs, live entertainment, and an array of craft vendors, it’s a feast for all senses.
Last but not least, music enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Hangout Music Fest. This multi-day event is one of the top music festivals in the region, featuring an impressive line-up of artists across various genres. Set against the backdrop of the city’s beautiful beaches, it’s a musical experience like no other.
Each of these events offers a unique opportunity to dive into the culture and spirit of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to mark these events on your calendar. You won’t want to miss them!