Get to Know Why Casago is the Best Choice

Our goal at Casago Property Management is to ensure that your guests are pleased with your vacation home and that you feel at home throughout your entire vacation in Mexico and the US. Our property management team goes to great lengths to ensure that your rental is comfortable, well-appointed and in pristine condition when they arrive getting you the best ratings.


But don’t take our word for it, check out these success stories…


Case Studies


Beautiful vacation rental with private pool


Booked 90%

Within 4 weeks of being on the market the home was booked to 90% for the next 6 months.$80k/year Revenue

Cozy vacation rental with pool outside


$80k/year Revenue

With the help of the team at Casago, Michelle was able to turn her seasonal vacation home into a
luxury income property that produces over $80,000 a year in revenue.

Living room and dining room details


Revenue Increase of 104%

In his first year of Management with Casago Kent saw an income revenue of $80,000 with his revenue
increases by 104% in his second year.

The Company To Manage Your Property

  • Concierge Service – We want your vacation rental to maintain a five star rating on all of the popular rental sites, so our property management team will offer your guests personalized service to fit their needs.
  • Extensive Knowledge of vacation rentals- Casago property managers are long term residents who have extensive knowledge of the local market.
  • Listing of your home on over 99 sites – Your home will be listed on our site and also on several of the popular B&B sites.
  • Getting love from the locals -when your home is listed on some of the more popular local websites, it will get more regular renters.
  • Tenant screening by our property management team – we don’t want you to have any problematic tenants, so we screen them all before they come to you.
  • Listing of your rental property – we want to make sure that your home gets booked each month, so it is listed on various corporate sites as well.
  • Guest Screening by our property management team – all potential guest will get heavily screened upon being booked. Our property management team does a thorough job of validating addresses, phone numbers, and identification. If the need arises, we will run an even deeper ID check.
  • Personalized Check-ins – Our property management team takes an active role in meeting each one of your guest.
  • Our Property management team will do 4 Comprehensive Inspections of your vacation rental – 1. An inspection before guest arrival 2. A post arrival walkthrough with the guest 3. A move out walk through with the guest 4. An inspection of the property after it has been cleaned
  • Online view of rental activity
  • Innovative Optimized website
  • High-tech reservation software
  • High quality cleaning service
  • On-Call maintenance at any time of day
  • High quality and professional photos
  • Managed guest check-in and out
  • Regular maintenance inspections
  • View all rental activity online
  • Exposure to various markets
  • Access all information online
  • Complete honesty and transparency
  • Generation of Tax Documentations
  • Tax strategy planning
  • Professional property management for your vacation rental

If you are a homeowner of a massive housing company, then you should look to Casago to manage your vacation rental. Investing in real estate is a wise decision. Over the years, real estate has proven to be a rewarding investment. Thousands of savvy homeowners have made the choice to invest in a vacation rental. Vacation rentals are amazing; it is simple to purchase a property for a reasonable price and then hire out a property management company to take care of that vacation rental. It is not even necessary for you to live in the state where you purchased the vacation rental; a great property management company will have their property manager take care of the property so that you don’t have to worry about it. A good property management company will offer you the following services: 24/7 on call emergency maintenance, a reliable cleaning service, professional photos of your property on their website, extensive exposure through their website, consistent property management. This is a professional property management company that has a good working relationship with local realtors. This company knows how to get your home listed on all of the popular real estate websites. Not only will this company list your property, but it will make all potential tenants go through a tenant screening program. These tenants will get screened in order to avoid any issues with guest. Apart from that, all the guests go through a screen as well. These guests get all of their background information checked so that any problems can be completely avoided.

It is wise to invest in real estate, but it is unwise to be your own property manager. It makes much more sense and it is much more efficient for you to hire a professional property management company for your vacation rental. Casago is a property management company that knows how to get your vacation rental rented out in a speedy fashion. Casago will take care of all of the property management so that you can just enjoy the benefits of the investment. By investing in a vacation rental, you are making a wise decision for your future.