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Meet the family who brings to life Casago Rim Lakes Vacation Rentals. Residing in Forest Lakes at the top of the Rim since 2016, Stephanie and Jim Weigold found a gap in the market that needed filling and decided to embark on this exciting journey in 2020.

Their initiation into the vacation rental business was through personal experience of renting out their family cabin. This hands-on experience, coupled with the steep learning curve they navigated, made them realize the pressing need for a reliable and professional property management service in their area. Their mission? To provide homeowners with a service that would care for their properties as if they were their own.

Stephanie and Chelsea leverage their combined and impressive 50+ years’ experience in real estate, finance and project management. The mother-daughter team skillfully manages both the back-end organizational needs and the front-end customer experience. As the financial and strategic overseer of the company, Stephanie’s aim is simple – to consistently deliver a superior 5-star experience for owners and guests alike.

Jim and Phillip, their son, on the other hand, bring their exceptional craftsmanship, mechanical prowess, and problem-solving skills to the team. Responsible for our maintenance and housekeeping teams, Jim and Phillip ensure our properties are held to a high standard plus ensure guests receive prompt and efficient customer care. At Casago Rim Lakes, we’re not just about renting homes; we’re about providing an exceptional experience. Our team is ready to serve you. Contact us today, and let us show you the Casago difference!

Vacation rentals in Rim Lakes

Welcome To Arizona’s Rim Lakes Region

Welcome to Arizona’s prized Rim Country, a true haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. This idyllic mountain range, from Payson to Pinetop, offers a treasure trove of all-season activities, just a short journey from the bustling energy of metro Phoenix.

Here, you’re welcomed by the refreshing coolness of the Mogollon Rim’s lofty pines, with the expansive Tonto and Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests providing a verdant backdrop. Summers are a cool respite with pleasant temperatures, while winter blankets the landscape in a picturesque layer of snow, offering a variety of seasonal joys. The area is replete with natural beauty, from the renowned Woods Canyon Lake to a collection of charming, lesser-known lakes that dot the Mogollon Rim. Each one invites visitors for fishing, boating, or simply savoring the tranquil waterside ambiance.

Beyond the lakes, the local dining scene presents a range of heartwarming meals at friendly hometown restaurants. And for those who love a unique find, the antique shops here are a trove of curios and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

So, whether you’re a nature lover, an antique aficionado, or just looking to unwind, Rim Country’s lakes and towns offer an unforgettable escape. Plan your next getaway to this corner of Arizona and experience the blend of serenity and adventure that only Rim Lakes can offer.

FAQs About Rim Lakes

If someone only had one day in the Rim Lakes region, what would you put on their itinerary?

If you have just one day to spend in the breathtaking Rim Lakes area, make it a day to remember. We recommend starting your adventure by touring the edge of the Mogollon Rim and taking in the expansive vistas along the scenic Rim Trail. This picturesque trail offers a unique perspective of Arizona’s stunning landscape, with panoramic views that will leave you in awe.

After you’ve soaked up the natural grandeur of the Rim, head to Woods Canyon Lake. Here, you can unwind with a leisurely picnic by the water’s edge, surrounded by the serene beauty of the forest. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider renting a boat to explore the lake. Gliding across the calm waters, you’ll have a chance to experience the tranquility and beauty of this natural haven from a different vantage point.

This compact itinerary packs in some of the best experiences the Rim Lakes area has to offer, perfect for a day trip filled with natural beauty and relaxation.

What are the top 3 restaurants you would recommend?

Along the Mogollon Rim rural communities, you’ll find a delightful selection of restaurants that capture the essence of this mountainous region, each offering a unique dining experience.

In Forest Lakes, a small community at the top of the Rim, make a stop at the 260 Roadhouse. This eatery is a favorite among both locals and visitors, known for its friendly atmosphere and hearty dishes that provide the perfect fuel for your adventures in the great outdoors.

When you’re in Heber-Overgaard, don’t miss the chance to visit Wild Women Saloon in the popular Bison Ranch community. It’s a place with a convivial vibe where you can enjoy a well-crafted meal and maybe catch some local entertainment. Their menu, accessible online, boasts a variety of choices that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Lastly, if you find yourself in Show Low, Buffalo Bill’s Tavern and Museum is the newest spot and a must-visit. Pinetop-Lakeside offers several options to choose from but get a taste of history at Charlie Clark’s Steakhouse, the 7th oldest steakhouse in Arizona. It’s renowned for its eclectic menu and charming ambiance, providing a cozy dining experience that stands out in the area.

What are the most significant main events in the Rim Lakes area?

In the Rim Lakes area, the most significant events revolve around national holidays, with Independence Day standing out as a particularly lively time for its rural communities. The annual celebration is marked by festive parades and community markets, where both residents and visitors come together to enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Payson, a quaint town within the region, is famous for hosting the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo. This event is a major draw, steeped in tradition and offering attendees a taste of the local heritage and cowboy culture.

Additionally, holiday weekends, in general, are a big deal in the Rim Lakes area. These times see an influx of visitors looking to partake in the region’s festive atmosphere and scenic beauty. So whether it’s enjoying a rodeo, browsing through local markets, or simply soaking in the local festivities, there’s always something happening during these peak times!