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How to Hire a Vacation Rental Property
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Maintenance and housekeeping, answer questions about your vacation rental, promote your vacation rental, and screen potential guests to help ensure your vacation rental as well as your guests are well taken care of, which will give you peace of mind while you are away.
However, when hiring a property management company, there are some questions you should ask to be sure your needs are being met, which include:

What Can Casago Property Management Do For Me?

Various property management companies say they take care of everything, but you need to be clear about just what everything entails. In other words, you need to be sure they actually manage every aspect of your vacation rental, including keeping the vacation rental booked and prepared for guests for as long as you own your property.

At Casago Property Management Services, we not only list your vacation rental on over 25 major listing sites, including Airbnb and VRBO, but we also manage every aspect of your vacation rental, unlike major listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO, so you don’t have to.

As your property management company, we will be available to help answer any concerns in reference to the program as well as your property.

We also take photos of the property and compose a listing, and then advertise it to potential renters and organize their visits.

You will also be provided with professional housekeeping and upkeep so that your rental remains visitor ready. We also provide emergency dispatch for maintenance crises and 24/7 guest support services.

In many cases, we can even assist with the new rental permit for your property and even upgrade the furnishings.

We also carefully screen and verify each renter and homeowner to avoid scams. We will manage cancellation policies, cleaning fees, payments, troubleshoot issues with current guests, minimize unnecessary maintenance charges for your home, and more. In other words, we are a full-service property management company that can take your rental beyond just simply listing it, to actually handling the in and outs of your rental from the check-in to the cleaning and maintenance to the guest support, via our live staff and apps, to help ensure a return on your investment.

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What Can You Tell Me About Vacation Rental Performance In The Area?

When hiring a property management company, you want to find one with experience who can help you succeed.
A solid property management company will have extensive knowledge of and be able to discuss the high and low seasons of the area as well as the kinds of property they’ve discovered are the most desirable. They will also be able to help you understand how local regulations affect the area to help you reach your goals.

Are There Any Regular Services I Should Schedule Myself?

Though our property management company provides many services to assist with the smooth operation of your rental, there are some services you may want to schedule yourself. For instance, it is always recommended that vacation homeowners have a home warranty.

You can also schedule regular local HVAC services for the air conditioning and heating appliances to ensure they remain in pristine working condition.

We also strongly recommend regular pest control service and snow removal. You should also consider setting up a yearly maintenance plan for the garage door, windows, and the gutters.

Garbage pick up is generally provided by the local provider; however, if there are no visitors renting the home on the days when garbage is to be picked up, our team will put out the garbage with no fees to the owner unless otherwise stipulated.

If you’d like, as your property management company, we can set these services up on your behalf, and then the bills for these services will be sent directly to you.

The Logistics Of Your Vacation Rental

How Do You Market My Vacation Rental?

In order to ensure success, your home should be listed everywhere guests look for rentals. In addition to listing your property on our own site, we also promote your property on more than 25 major listing sites, including VRBO. Additionally, our 24/7 professional call staff is always ready to book your listing!

How Do You Set Pricing For My Rental?

We set pricing for your rental based on varying factors, which include the home’s characteristics, the time of year, the day of the week, similar home prices in the area, and various pricing reports. We also take the owner’s input into consideration. Once an initial price is agreed upon, you will then have the option of joining our pricing program, where we will track the performance of your rental and make improvements as necessary.

When Do I Earn Income For Reservations?

Typically, homeowners are paid once monthly. An owner report and an Automatic Clearing House installment will be deposited to your account monthly by the specified date. This owner record and deposit amount will include the fees for all visitors who have completed their visit that month. If you have guests whose visit extends into the following month, the proceeds for that booking will be provided in the month that they end their visit.

Will I Be Provided With Some Kind Of Reporting So I Can Understand How Well My Home Is Performing?

As stated previously, you will be provided with an owner record each month that details how much revenue your rental has generated, which should provide you with a general idea of how well your property is performing. And, you always have access to current reservations and payments no matter where you are via our statements and app, which are available in real time.

Who Handles The Taxes?

As your property management company, we will collect any taxes that are required of your vacation home, including the reservation taxes that are added to the amount of the rental. Your owner record will detail how much tax was collected and will be paid on your behalf. Additionally, our manager is always available to speak with you and guide you through your statement.

Tips and Help With Your Investment Property

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What We Do For Your Vacation Rental

How Does Your Property Management Company Manage Keys And Keep My Home Safe?

In order to ensure success, your home should be listed everywhere guests look for rentals. In addition to listing your property on our own site, we also promote your property on more than 25 major listing sites, including VRBO. Additionally, our 24/7 professional call staff is always ready to book your listing!

Are There Any Amenities I am Required To Have At My Vacation Home?

It’s always a good idea to provide guests with the basics, such as furniture and appliances; however, providing added comforts, such as cookware, dinnerware, wireless internet, bed linens, towels, and more, will help make your property more appealing. Our team will work together to make sure you understand the items that can help your home rent at a higher rate, and in most cases, even provide these items on your behalf.

How Do You Charge For Your Full-Service Property Management?

NCCA wages for property management services average roughly between 35%-60% depending on the market, the kind of home, and the kinds of additional services property managers typically charge for above commissions.

How Can I Get Started With Your Property Management Company?

Getting started with Casago is easy. First, you will meet with our general manager who will gather information and inspect and take photos of your home. The manager will then create a detailed listing, set pricing, launch advertising on the major internet channels and begin to take reservations, in most cases, all within just a few weeks of enrolling your property.

Why Casago for Your Property Management Company?

We manage thousands of vacation rental homes worldwide, which gives us the advantage of converting your home into a prosperous vacation property rental. Additionally, we are more reasonably priced because our cutting-edge program allows you to make more income but at a fraction of the cost.

And because we know owning a vacation home comes with its share of worries, we also provide 24×7 availability and responsiveness. Our full-time sales professionals also respond quickly to all visitor queries to inspire more reservations for you.

We also make supervising reservations & payments simple via our online system, which is safe and secure. The online system keeps a record of the billing, deposits, reservations, and your payments, and we issue you statements, so you always have a clear picture of what’s going on with your property.

If you are ready to take your business endeavors to the next level and become a vacation rental property owner, consider us for your property management needs. We look forward to partnering with you to grow your revenue!

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