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In the corporate world, Spencer Farnsworth was a man among many. Clocking in, doing his duty, clocking out. But one day, over a conversation as simple and straight as a good whiskey, a friend spoke of vacation rentals—and it changed him.

Without hesitation, Spencer entered real estate school. First, he earned his Realtor’s stripes. With grit and determination, he secured his Broker’s license three years later. Since 2002, he’s been in the thick of it—twenty-one years of hard, honest work in the vacation rental trenches.

It wasn’t just about property to Spencer. It was about people, the homeowners, the guests—real people with real stories. And he became a part of those stories. He understood that his true value was not just in providing a place, but in creating lasting memories.

In 2009, Spencer met Steve Schwab and joined the ranks of Casago. Together, they conquered the Arizona Market, moved on to Santa Barbara, and left their mark. Fourteen years with Casago shaped Spencer, but it also lit a fire in him. A desire for something more. Now, he’s on a new venture in Pismo Beach, starting his own Casago Franchise.

Spencer Farnsworth is not a man of many affiliations. His work, his dedication to creating memories, speaks for itself. In a world filled with noise, Spencer is a testament to the power of quiet strength and unwavering determination. He’s a man who knows his path and walks it with purpose.

Vacation rentals in Pismo Beach

Welcome To Pismo Beach, CA

Welcome to Pismo Beach, California—your ultimate destination for an unforgettable getaway! Here, every day is a chance to create lasting memories as you dive into the heart of local culture, savory eats, and outdoor thrills.

Begin your journey with a taste of the town! Pismo Beach is a food lover’s paradise, offering an array of culinary wonders. Indulge in fresh seafood caught daily from the shimmering Pacific, savor locally-sourced dishes that showcase the rich agricultural heritage of the region, and treat your palate to the exquisite flavors of wine country with our renowned wine tasting experiences.

But it’s not just about the food—Pismo Beach is an adventure playground! Feel the thrill of surfing on our golden shores, explore the serene beauty of nature on our hiking trails, or serve up some fun on our tennis courts. For those seeking relaxation, our luxurious spas are a haven of tranquility.
For the nautically inclined, our yachting experiences provide an unparalleled opportunity to set sail into the sunset. And if it’s excitement you crave, join in on the many adventures that await—from beachfront fun to discovering the local wildlife.

As you soak up the sun and immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene, you’ll be stepping into a slice of California’s rich history. Pismo Beach has been a beloved coastal retreat since the early 20th century, drawing visitors with its stunning vistas and charming community.

So come and experience Pismo Beach—a place where every moment is an opportunity for joy, discovery, and making connections that last a lifetime. Your adventure awaits!

FAQs About Pismo Beach, CA

If someone only had one day there, what would you put on their itinerary?

If you have just one day to savor the essence of Pismo Beach, CA, let’s make it count!

Start your morning immersed in the natural splendor of the Pismo Preserve, where trails weave through lush landscapes offering panoramic views of the ocean and hills—and if your visit falls between November and February, you’re in for a magical treat at the Monarch Butterfly Grove. Here, you’ll witness thousands of vibrant monarch butterflies as they cluster in the eucalyptus trees during their annual migration. It’s a truly enchanting sight that we definitely recommend.

And as the afternoon sun climbs high, it’s time to ramp up the excitement. Head to the beach where you can rent ATVs and set off for some heart-pumping action on the sprawling beach dunes. Feel the thrill as you navigate the sandy peaks and valleys, with the ocean breeze as your companion.

Cap off your adventure with a sunset dinner at one of Pismo Beach’s renowned ocean-view restaurants. As the sky paints itself with hues of orange and pink, dine al fresco, indulging in exquisite dishes that echo the sea’s bounty, paired perfectly with a glass of local wine. It’s the quintessential Pismo Beach experience, leaving you with memories as radiant as the sunset you dined under.

What are the top 3 restaurants I should visit in Pismo Beach, CA?

While exploring the culinary delights of Pismo Beach and its surroundings, there are three top-tier restaurants you simply must visit. Each offers a unique dining experience that’s a testament to the area’s rich gastronomic culture.

First up, venture a little south to Arroyo Grande to visit Ember, renowned for its commitment to seasonal fare and artisanal wood-fired cooking techniques. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, perfectly complementing a menu that’s both innovative and comforting. Each dish reflects the chef’s passion for farm-to-table philosophy and the rich agricultural bounty of California’s Central Coast.

Next, Nate’s on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is a gem that locals and visitors alike adore. This eatery prides itself on a creative menu that pairs classic comfort food with a modern twist. The ambiance combines casual elegance with a touch of historical charm, set within the vibrant downtown scene of San Luis Obispo, making it a delightful culinary stop.

Lastly, Ox + Anchor in San Luis Obispo is a modern take on the classic steakhouse, serving up prime cuts of meat alongside fresh, locally-sourced seafood. The chic and sophisticated decor sets the stage for an upscale dining experience. The wine list is as impressive as the menu, featuring local Central Coast vineyards and beyond, ensuring the perfect pairing for your meal.

Each of these restaurants is a destination in itself, promising not just a meal, but a memorable dining experience that captures the spirit of the region.

What are the biggest main events I should visit while on vacation in Pismo Beach, CA?

When vacationing in Pismo Beach, CA, there are two main events that are absolute must-sees, each offering a unique slice of what makes this coastal city so special. The first is the Monarch Butterfly Arrival, a natural spectacle that takes place from late October through February. During these months, Pismo Beach becomes a temporary home to thousands of vibrant Monarch butterflies. The sight of these delicate creatures fluttering en masse is truly mesmerizing and one of nature’s most beautiful displays. Visitors from all over gather at the Monarch Butterfly Grove to witness this annual migration, which has become a beloved and awe-inspiring sight in the community.

Another event steeped in local tradition is the Pismo Beach Clam Festival, a hallmark event since 1946. This festival is a celebration of the city’s clamming legacy, inviting locals and visitors to enjoy a weekend full of festivities. With a parade, live music, food vendors, and a clam chowder cook-off, it encapsulates the heartwarming community spirit and the gastronomic heritage of Pismo Beach. The Clam Festival not only pays homage to the city’s past but also offers a delightful experience for all ages, making it an unmissable event for anyone visiting Pismo Beach.