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USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

Vacation Home Rentals, Corporate Housing And Property Management

What is Owner-Centric™?

It started with a simple idea that the owner should be at the center of everything we do. Over time this became our passion. Each of our team-members goes through an intensive indoctrination course to become part of the singular idea that we are the owner's advocate.

At Casago each member upon completion of their initial training takes an oath to be the steward of the properties we serve and the specific needs of our high-end vacation homeowners. Whether you’re looking for revenue-producing vacation rental services, long -term, home care management, Corporate housings, cleanings, or long-term-care, Casago delivers the Cash, Care, and Communication of your home, all in one place.

Casago: What We are All About

At Casago, our goal is to provide our valued customers with a vacation rental that makes them feel at home. We handpicked the locations of each vacation rental property to ensure that there is a choice for everyone. Situated in picturesque and safe communities, we have options for every budget, ranging from charming villas to spacious condos to scenic beach houses.

We also offer property management services for landlords and property owners in Mexico and the United States. Our services are all about our clients, which is why we strive to maintain and grow your revenue through our professional services. We take the responsibility of promoting your property, while managing it and keeping your investment in shape. You can always count on our professionals to take care of your property from top to bottom.

Our Company Today

For almost 15 years, it has been our purpose to present only excellence, including in our property management services. Today, we have eight resorts in eight communities that comprise of gorgeous homes and villas – the perfect vacation rental properties for everyone. We also have a collection of more than 3,000 condos and beachfront houses.

All our clients are assured that they will be well taken care of no matter what their needs are. We have over 250 hard working employees and a professional resort management staff that is always on site. With such round-the-clock presence, we can assist you whenever you require our services.

We are Proud of Our Culture

Our business culture is about how we operate within our company. Our top priorities are for the staff to communicate effectively with one another and make certain that they can properly deal with the clients. This way, it will be easy to guarantee the satisfaction of the owners and renters. Our culture comprises of the following:

The Vision of the Company: Our vision is to become the frontrunners in hospitality services, as we abide by the company’s core values. We achieve this by serving our clients with excellence and maintaining a strong relationship in all the aspects of the business. We make sure that we can identify a clear vision. Everyone in the firm understands this vision, which is one of the essentials of becoming a leader in the industry. Our vision statement talks about the direction and goals of the business to generate loyalty through our staff’s involvement.

The company has a set of standards that certifies excellence in our property management services and the rentals we offer. At the same time, this vision reveals the company’s principles to ensure reliability to the clients.

The Core Values of the Company: We are deeply committed to obtaining quality in both our vacation rental properties and our professional services. All our operations are based on our devotion to provide superior facilities and processes that will secure the contentment of all our clients.

We vigorously uphold the following in our company:

Honesty: It is our lifelong guarantee that we always work with our clients and other people straightforwardly and truthfully.

Appreciating the Owners: We believe that the company will not exist without the owners of the properties. Our staff is dedicated to keeping the owners as the center of all operations to help ensure the success of the business. Our property management services make sure that all homes are well-maintained and everything is working correctly. If there are problems, they should be immediately reported so they can be dealt with right away. The goal is to keep the owners happy and satisfied with their properties at all times.

Caring for Renters: One of the company’s goals is to turn the renters into fans who will keep coming back to our vacation rental properties. We aim to satisfy all their demands and requests so that when they check out, they will have a smile on their faces. Hopefully, they will recall their happy memories and spread them to other people, allowing us to grow our clientele even more.

Readiness to Serve: Some renters and owners are expressive about their wishes, which make our work easier. However, there are also times when they have unexpressed needs. It is the job of our staff to anticipate their demands so that they are satisfied all throughout their stay, whether they tell us their wants and requests or not.

Building Confidence: It is also our job to ensure every owner and renter will trust our ability to provide superior assistance. As we strive to deliver high-quality services, their confidence in our company also grows. Therefore, whenever there is an issue that the guest or owner is facing, our staff will rush to help no matter what time of the day it is. We make sure that all complaints are addressed, resolved, and recorded.

Going Above and Beyond: Our staff is trained to be competitive so that all our customers will see the results they want. Whether it is for their room, villa, or any property, we have a property management staff that is always willing to perform above and beyond what is expected of them. It is our mission to go the extra mile to safeguard our clients’ fulfillment and happiness.

Topnotch Service: Finally, it is the responsibility of our staff and management to deliver exceptional service at all costs. If there is something that does not meet the standards of the company, our personnel should always be ready to do what needs to be done. This way, they can help achieve the company’s benchmark of excellence.

What to Expect from Our Hospitality Services

Our staff goes through 10-minute meetings regularly. These gatherings are essential in ensuring that they communicate accurately to serve the clients and represent the company better than ever. Everyone can discuss specific matters that need attention so he or she can be fixed right away.

The moment our client enters any of our properties, we make sure that they are comfortable and pampered right away. We have a four-step procedure that our staff follows to guarantee that our clients will be pleased with our services:

1.Step 1

The staff gives each client a warm welcome, serving everyone with a smile. Our staff is trained to be hospitable, polite, and of course, efficient. Our goal is to ensure that all guests feel welcome throughout their stay.

2.Step 2

Make the guests know that the company values them wholly. When they step into the vacation rental of their choice, our job is to build a relationship right away. As customers become more comfortable, we engage in conversations with them so that they can tell us whatever they need to feel even more relaxed and content in their chosen property.

Whether the guest opts for a vacation rental that is in the center of all the activities or a place where he or she can avoid the crowd, we make sure that all those steps mentioned here are carried out.

3.Step 3

We understand that some needs may be left unexpressed. It is not the duty of the customers to tell us everything that they want. However, it is our responsibility to address these concerns, even though they are unstated. Our highly trained professional staff, including our property management personnel, will always be ready to assist the needs of our customers whether these requirements are unspoken or openly stated. For instance, if a guest drove several hours to reach our vacation rental, we should be prepared to provide them with a comfortable place to rest even without them asking for it.

4.Step 4

Lastly, we have to say goodbye to the guests and make sure they only have good things to say about our vacation rental. Our services are dedicated to providing all the clients with a warm retreat so they can compare our luxury properties with their own homes. As they leave, we want them to have a smile on their faces, wish them a safe trip as they go back to their place, and invite them to stay with us once again.

Why Choose Us

From lavish vacation rental properties to our outstanding property management services, we have what it takes to make your ideal getaway a reality. When it comes to vacation homes, we have short-term rentals that are situated right where you want them to be, so you can create memories that will surely last a lifetime. Some options include Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Santa Barbara.

We also offer property management services in these areas, so that you do not have to worry about your investment. It will be in the right hands, which is our guarantee to all property owners. We understand how it can become quite challenging to manage a home that you do not live close to, which is why you can leave the job of handling the property to us.

Our property management professionals will take care of the apartment, home, or any building you have and we will make you feel you made the correct decision from the moment you hand us the responsibility. To give you the peace of mind you need, we guarantee that we value your investment just like you do. We want to create a long-lasting relationship, which we believe stems from effective communication.

We know there are hundreds or even thousands of options out there, but our property management services and professionals only have one goal: to ensure your satisfaction. Here is how we do it:

We focus on what is essential. Our property management experts are all about your happiness. We have professionals who can take care of every real estate investment type, and we can assign one for you who is well-versed in the kind of property you own.

For instance, if you have an apartment, we will provide you with an expert who can handle all the administrative aspects of an apartment building. Whether it is to market the home, inspect it regularly, or perform managerial work of supervising the income property, we can carry out all these duties with flying colors. We certify that your interests are aligned with our interests as well.

We have top-of-the-line property management systems. We have been in the business for years, but it is not just our experience that guarantees our efficiency. It also the knowledge of our property management staff who is well-aware of every detail and methods when it comes to securing payments, complying with regulations, and performing routine maintenance among others.

We have easy-to-understand procedures and affordable property management services. We know that you want the best for your property but being the best does not mean you have to break your bank. We make sure you get what you pay for, and every penny you spend is worth it.

Casago is the ultimate destination for vacationers and the only reliable company you should work with for your property management needs.