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Casago will make your next trip to San Carlos, Mexico, a seamless, relaxing, unforgettable experience.

Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect vacation rental or resort for you, and will assist you with adventurous day trips or other unforgettable activities. When you book your vacation with Casago, you can choose from a variety of spacious waterfront rentals at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking to stay in your own private condo or in an amenity-filled resort, we have rental options that will accommodate all of your needs.

Surrounded by gorgeous aqua waves from the Sea of Cortez, low lying mountains, and miles of desert, tourists quickly find themselves in a place of paradise during their stay in San Carlos, Mexico. San Carlos’ year round sunny, warm weather makes it an optimal destination for experiencing the natural beauty, exciting day trips, fresh seafood restaurants, and relaxing beaches this location has to offer. San Carlos is located near the lively port town Guaymas Sonora, which features many different historic sites, dining venues, a large boardwalk, and different activities every night.

Things to Do in San Carlos

Casago is your expert guide to all the best things to do in San Carlos. First, take your pick of several prime San Carlos beaches:

  • Algodones (which actually means “cotton”): Relax amidst the soft, white sand dunes
  • Posada beach: Enjoy a gorgeous stretch of sand safely shaded within your palapa
  • Miramar beach: Lively activity with daily volleyball, kayaking, pedal boats, and taco shops
Casago thinks of everything when it comes to helping you explore the many natural wonders of the area. Whether it be day-trip hikes up the Nacapuli Canyon or the Tetakawi mountain, ATV adventures across the Sonora desert, or snorkeling in the ocean, we will help you create life-long vacation memories.

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Other activities travelers to San Carlos love include:

  • Golf
  • Boating in the ocean
  • Sunset and ecocruises
  • Fishing
  • Ferry rides to Santa Rosalia
  • Whale watching
  • Wind surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Snorkeling

San Carlos Vacation Rentals

CasaGo hooks you up with great deals on amenity-filled condo and resort rental options in the most ideal San Carlos locations. Choose from a variety of luxurious waterfront rentals within minutes of the local nightlife and daytime activities. If you are looking for San Carlos vacation rentals that feel more like a home than a room, check out our condo options. San Carlos rental condos available through CasaGo are large, fully furnished, multi-bedroom villas, with stocked kitchens, swimming pools, and outdoor patios. Inside our condos, guests will find Wi-Fi access, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, washer/dryer, and some even feature Jacuzzi. For those who are in search of the ultimate of pampering experience, San Carlos resorts will cater to your every indulgence. All-inclusive resorts and hotels feature diverse restaurants, daily room and maid service, swim-up bars, fitness centers, recreation rooms, and spas. Resort rooms include beautiful, panoramic waterfront views, so you can watch the sunset as you get ready to head down for dinner.

San Carlos Property Management

If you are considering purchasing property in San Carlos, but are worried about upkeep, maintenance, and market exposure while you are away, contact CasaGo. We specialize in both optimizing and looking after your investments. Casago’s experienced staff makes sure your property is consistently booked and is listed on a daily basis. Our staff routinely increases the number of bookings our clients get on their properties, and you will be no exception!

As a San Carlos property management company, Casago seeks to ensure that you reap all of the benefits of your investment. We offer many different types of property management services which include, but are not limited to, bill payments, monthly inspections, protection against natural disasters, and maintenance tasks. While you are away from your property you can easily access information regarding bookings, accounting matters, maintenance, and more through our 24/7 online portal.

List Your Property With Us

Casago is the premier property management company for vacation rentals. With services that are like any other, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that your property is in good hands.

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