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George and Valinda Scruggs’s journey began in 2014 when they discovered their passion for the Peninsula and built their first beachfront home. This passion quickly translated into more homes, creating an extensive collection of beautiful properties that they felt compelled to share.

And so recognizing the need for a personalized approach to property management, their mission to host guests with the same level of hospitality that they’d want for themselves became their goal.
“We take immense pleasure in curating the perfect vacation rental experience for you.” shares George. “Our collection of luxury properties caters to all your needs, whether it’s a family vacation, a grand gathering, or a peaceful retreat.”
He goes on to state, “In fact, every property under our care is diligently maintained and fully equipped, ready for you to step in and start creating memories. The moment you choose us for your stay, you’ll immediately notice the difference.”
Experience a new standard of vacation rentals, where comfort meets luxury and every detail matters. We’re more than just a stay; we’re your home away from home when vacationing in Texas!

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Welcome To Bolivar Peninsula

Bolivar, Texas, is positioned gracefully along the Gulf Coast, and serves as a vacation paradise! Taking its name from Simon Bolivar, the famed South American liberator, this peninsula is a treasure trove of history interwoven with breathtaking natural charm.

Lovingly referred to as “the peninsula” by locals, and far removed from city clamor, Bolivar presents a mesmerizing mix of pristine beaches, top-tier fishing locales, and unmatched bird-watching vistas.

This beautiful destination provides a plethora of engaging activities that cater to every type of traveler. Visitors can enjoy playing in the water, fishing, flying kites, or simply watching the beautiful ocean sunsets​​. So whether it’s serenity or adventure you’re after, Bolivar delivers.

Come experience the majestic beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast paired with the heartfelt hospitality of its residents. Bolivar isn’t just a destination; it’s where memories are etched forever.

FAQs About Bolivar, Texas

If someone only had one day in Bolivar, what would you put on their itinerary?

If you only have one day to experience the beauty of Bolivar, Texas, you’ll want to make every moment count.

We recommend starting your day off with a cup of coffee on the deck and then heading over to Crystal Beach for some relaxation. Renowned for its pristine sand and warm waters, here you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim, or simply enjoy the serene environment.

Next, head over to Stingarees or Tia Juanita for a delicious lunch and enjoy the vibes! After lunch, take the ferry to Galveston or make some time to visit the High Island Bird Sanctuaries. The peninsula offers unparalleled bird-watching opportunities, so keep an eye out for exotic species.

As the day transitions into the evening, consider taking a moment to enjoy the sunset. The Bolivar Peninsula is known for its breathtaking sunsets, so find a comfortable spot, sit back, and take in the mesmerizing view.

Are there any local favorite things to do or restaurants?

With a chill, unique, and relaxing vibe, the local favorite thing to do in Bolivar is to kick up your feet and enjoy the beach. From fishing to boating, bird watching, and enjoying the sunsets, we are a laid-back community that enjoys timeless experiences.

And as for restaurants, we have plenty! One local favorite is Stingarees. Situated on Galveston Bay, Stingarees is a marina and seafood destination that is a must-try while you are here.

What is one lesser-known fact about the Bolivar Peninsula?

Bolivar was once home to pirates and smugglers! In fact, the Bolivar Peninsula and the broader Galveston area in Texas have a storied history that involves pirates, particularly the infamous Jean Lafitte.

In the early 19th century, Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre established a base of operations on Galveston Island, which is very close to the Bolivar Peninsula.

Lafitte operated a pirate kingdom of sorts in Galveston, engaging in smuggling, slave trade, and other illegal activities. He and his band of pirates took advantage of the island’s natural harbor and its strategic location for their operations. Lafitte named his Galveston base “Campeche.”

Over time, as the United States government increased its presence in the region and put pressure on pirate activities, Lafitte was eventually forced to abandon Galveston. However, his time there, as well as the broader history of piracy and smuggling in the region, left an indelible mark on local lore and history.

So make sure to take some time to dig up Bolivar’s secret past during your vacation!

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