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Learn more about how Casago empowers local managers to grow sustainable businesses in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Core Culture

Always growing, always learning.

Accelerate your professional development through Casago University, our premier, in-house executive training program for our property manager franchisees.

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The Casago System

Grow faster with less stress.

Learn more about Casago’s superior internal operating system that empowers property managers of all sizes to compete on a whole new level.

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Casago acquires Audiences

We've acquired the short-term rental industry's most powerful and easy to use owner acquisition software to be offered exclusively for our property management franchisees.

"I had the opportunity of attending Casago University Training as a new Franchisee co-owner and it was top of the line! From day one, it is clear that the goal is that you and your team integrate seamlessly into the Casago family of passionate, caring, professional & successful Vacation Rental Managers.”

— Mike Reinman, Franchisee

Unprecedented operational support.

Being “tech-enabled” is not enough. We’re building the best tech the industry has to offer, and we’re reserving it exclusively for our franchisees.

Full Technology Suite

Manage people, properties, profit and processes all in one place when you leverage the Casago internal tech stack.

Guest Support, 24/7/365.

Our reservation and after hours support options allow you to work on your business, not in your business.

Smart Home Tech Tools

Scale inventory growth and create a transparent digital footprint at a fraction of the cost of any other solution.

Purchasing Power

Leveraging the purchasing power of our 40+ offices worldwide to ensure you get the best price on products you use everyday in your business.

Mentoring & Leadership

Gain access to an executive leadership team with over 60 years combined industry experience, to mentor and develop you and your team.

Responsive Revenue Management

Revenue management strategies that beat traditionally managed properties by over 30%.

Casago University

More than a franchise.

Casago University is the vacation rental industry’s premier professional development offering. Our property management franchisees enjoy more than just brand benefits — they join a family dedicated to investing in their long term success from day one.

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Franchisee Testimonials

Kelly Hill

McCall, Idaho

Michael Godfrey

Sun Valley, Idaho

"My experience at Casago has been the best thing that has happened in my life because the owner of this company gave me the opportunity to have my own franchise and continue working to grow the Casago brand throughout Mexico and the United States. I invite everyone to join the team of Casago.”

— Marco Leon, Franchisee

Casago in the Spotlight

Casago Featured in Home Runners.

Tune in for a sneak preview of Episode 2 of Matt Landau’s docuseries Homerunners, which features a behind-the-scenes look at Casago’s multi-dimensional vacation rental and property management franchise model. Founders Steve Schwab and Ryan Dame share how Casago enables local property managers to compete at a national level.

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Current Opportunities

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  • Most Markets Available
  • Limited Markets Available
  • Most Markets Available

Steps To Ownership

Our process is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Becoming a vacation rental franchise owner is as simple as following our five-step ownership process:

  1. Introductory Call & Application

    Let us get to know you as we discuss property management franchise requirements and eligibility.

  2. Interview & Founders Call

    Meet the founders and discover the brand. Interview and explore your goals and objectives.

  3. Tech Stack Demo

    Take a tour of the most complete suite of industry exclusive technology built to streamline your operational burden.

  4. FDD Review

    Review the Franchise Disclosure Document and ask our amazing team questions.

  5. Franchise Validation & Referral

    Connect with current Casago property manager franchise owners and talk one on one about their own success.

  6. Discovery & Signing Day

    Meet the team and sign the Franchise Agreement - Welcome to the Casago family!

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Interested in starting your own vacation rental franchise?

The Casago system appeals to motivated, qualified Vacation Rental professionals around the world who want to deliver unforgettable service and results to their clients.

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Our Franchise Blog

November 16, 2023
What Changes When a Property Manager Goes Down the Franchise Route?

Vacation rental management has become a boom industry, but more and more property managers are realizing you don’t have to start from scratch. The technology exists nowadays to get a massive head start in terms of how quickly you can scale your rental business. But there’s another step you can take to make life easier at any point in the lifetime of your company too. Opting for a vacation rental franchise cuts out a lot of the growing pains you’re going to experience if you choose to go it alone. Joining a franchise marries your business to an established brand and can be the “jet fuel” that elevates everything you do.

December 20, 2023
Welcoming The Yellowstone Branch

Hello, fellow wanderers! We are excited to introduce Yellowstone as one of our latest branches in the Casago network!  First, have you ever heard of Island Park? If you haven’t, it’s a delightful little slice of heaven tucked away in Eastern Idaho. This…

August 11, 2023
Welcoming The Willamette Valley Branch

We are excited to introduce Willamette Valley, Oregon as our latest branch in the Casago network!  Enveloped in the stunning natural beauty of Oregon, Willamette Valley is a gem that’s waiting to be discovered. This picturesque region, nestled between the bustling city of…

September 9, 2022
How Casago Increased Revenue by 280% in Snowshoe, West Virginia

On July 1st, 2022, Casago announced its acquisition of Mountain Valley Realty in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Mountain Valley Realty was established in 1999 by Debbie Goodwin and is a local leader in the vacation rental and real estate market in Snowshoe.  “We look…

September 2, 2022
Welcoming the Sunriver, Oregon Branch

We are excited to introduce Sunriver Oregon as our latest branch in the Casago network! Nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon just south of Bend, Sunriver is a peaceful and quaint town abounding in wide-open views, natural attractions,…

August 5, 2022
The Phenomenon of Isolation for Vacation Rental Property Managers

Are you feeling isolated or lonely as a small business owner in a niche industry?  Many property managers are drawn to the vacation rental industry out of a passion for hospitality, some to mix a lifestyle of business and leisure, and others purely…

July 13, 2022
Casago Uncovers “Hidden Gem” in Caribbean Adding Premier Properties USVI to Portfolio

Scottsdale, AZ., June 29, 2022 Casago, a leader of innovative services and solutions in the vacation rental/property management industry, today announced its expansion to St. Croix, USVI, by adding Premier Properties USVI, (Premier) to its portfolio of vacation rental destinations. This marks Casago’s…

July 8, 2022
Introducing the Whitefish, Montana Branch

Whitefish is a charming mountain town nestled on the west edge of Glacier National Park, in the foothills of Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Dubbed one of the coolest small towns in America, Whitefish is a classic mountain destination with a touch of the old…

July 1, 2022
Your Guide To Leveraging Technology in the Vacation Rental Industry

Gone are the cottage industry days of chamber of commerce ads, guests turning up with their own towels and linens, mailed contracts, and office check-ins. Guests booking vacation rentals are expecting digital experiences throughout their journey – from enticing property listings, easy online…

June 24, 2022
Welcoming the Redwood Coast Branch

About the Redwood Coast The Redwood Coast extends along the breathtaking and quiet North California coastline. Through the towns of Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville and Trinidad to the magnificent Redwood National Park, a World Heritage Site home to the tallest old-growth redwoods in the…

June 17, 2022
12 Essential Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Business Stronger

The Covid-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge for vacation rental professionals. Those that remained agile and open to change outperformed expectations and thrived, and sadly some businesses were left in bad shape.  In the past two years, the industry has experienced unprecedented acquisitions…

June 10, 2022
Welcoming the St. Croix Branch

About St. Croix Island The US Virgin Islands are made up of the islands of St. Thomas, a bustling cruise port town, St. John, home to Virgin Islands National Park, and St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands. Casago are stoked…

June 3, 2022
How NOT to Let Your Vacation Rental Business Own You

The vacation rental industry is one of the most stressful and demanding industries out there! You have to run a successful business, deliver first class customer service, and provide an exceptional guest experience as host extraordinaire!  Let’s face it, vacation rentals are a…

May 27, 2022
Welcoming the Smith Mountain Lake Branch

The Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains lies a destination worthy of every vacation bucket-list – Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Smith Mountain Lake is a premier East Coast vacation destination for exhilarating water sports,…

May 20, 2022
Smart Strategies to Attract Business Travelers to your Vacation Rentals

The Covid-19 pandemic put a sudden halt to the road-warrior lifestyle of many business travelers, but the corporate travel landscape is shifting, and business travelers are taking to the skies and getting back on the road again.  Historically, business travel has been slower…

May 6, 2022
Casago’s Top Tips for Better Vacation Rental Photography

Visual content is key in every vacation rental business! Vacation rental photography allows property managers to showcase their homes, highlight the top attractions in their destination, feature the unique experiences available to guests, and catch the attention of travelers planning their next vacation. …

April 29, 2022
Why Company Culture Matters

“Company Culture” is more than a buzzword thrown about for the cool factor! Your company culture impacts every fine detail of your vacation rental company, right down to your bottom line and the success (and perception) of your brand.  Ultimately, your company culture…

April 21, 2022
Top Vacation Rental Trends for 2022

Top Vacation Rental Trends for 2022 Looking back, 2021 was a record-breaking year for many property managers and vacation destinations. As restrictions dropped, pent-up travel demand resulted in “revenge travel” with record breaking occupancy levels, raised ADRs (average daily rates) and not enough…

April 11, 2022
New Casago Branches and How to Franchise

The vacation rental industry is changing at an incredible speed and 2022 will be a groundbreaking year! With increased popularity from travelers and investors, the industry is experiencing the most active merger & acquisition landscape than ever before. As the industry has grown,…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many property management franchises get started in as little as three weeks, some may take several months depending on personal time lines and their particular markets.

Your software will automatically calculate the proper amount of commission each month after your statements to homeowners have been closed out. This makes the process easy and quick to calculate your franchise dues. We are always able to help you with the process the first several times to make sure you have the hang of things.

We encourage anyone thinking of becoming part of the Casago family to meet others who have already joined. We are happy to provide a list of franchise owners who can talk with you about their experiences and Casago journey. You can also reach out to anyone one on one to discuss.

Each territory and situation is different. However, our upfront fees are generally much lower than our competitors and deliver more value. We want you to be able to spend your capital on being successful in your business. To find out how much a particular area may cost please contact one of our representatives to discuss your unique situation.

If you are a team player and love being part of something that is more then just business as usual, you may be a good fit with us at Casago. We are more than just a system of software, processes, and 20 years of know how- Casago is a family of people who are passionate about the Vacation Rental Industry and love helping each other. If this sounds like something that you have been missing or want to be a part of then a Casago vacation rental franchise may be right for you.

NO, and not only do you get the software included in your agreement with Casago, you also get many upgrades that are usually a premium upcharge. Things such as mobile apps, revenue management modules and CRMs and many other upgrades and customizations are included.

YES, Casago has a in-house call center open 24 hours a day to help answer phones day or night. The call center is available to take reservations, dispatch maintenance, and more.

At all levels, collaborating with your peers is essential to both professional and personal growth. Casago prides ourselves on connecting you with a mentor in the company who will provide the constant support and creative solutions that will allow you to excel and thrive at the highest levels.

  • Revenue Management
  • Software benefits and customization
  • Call center
  • 7 day a week support
  • Operations and sales training
  • Field visits twice a year
  • Marketing advantages
  • Mentoring and master mind with your peers

YES, your geographical area will be protected and no other Casago franchises can come into your territory or take listings in your area once you’re established.

Your territory size will depend on your location among other factors. To provide the best service we try to allocate the size of a protected area based on rental market density, geographic considerations, and ability to service each specific area effectively.

Every Casago franchise owner must provide a list of references and be a good cultural fit with the others in the organization. You must be able to obtain the proper licensing and permits in your territory in order to operate legally. Along with these requirements we do a background check on all new franchisees. New franchises are informally interviewed by other current property management franchise operators to make sure that we bring in people that encapsulate the Casago culture. Every franchise owner must operate their branch to Casago’s ethical and moral standards. Ensuring that a high standard is met by other franchise operators adds value to your business. Keeping an excellent reputation, strong business ties to the community, and a healthy accounting of your business and trust funds is critical to your success and the success of others who rely on you with in the organization.

YES of course, but if controlling interest shifts to another party, the franchise must be properly notified and the new owner must be approved.

Casago recruits both new offices from start up all the way to large established companies that want to have the corporate level resources available to them.