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Three people having a meetingCasago Values Our Affiliates

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to add a little extra income to their earnings? By becoming an affiliate or referral partner with us, your potential for earning is virtually unlimited when you develop a winning strategy and an effective network.

As an affiliate, your link to our website allows our software to automatically track anyone sent from your site to ours. When renters reserve vacation rentals with us, this software tracks the payments to your site and your commission check is then sent to you. As a bonus, we’ll even display your company logo at the top of our home page.

Becoming a referral partner costs you absolutely nothing; and although the compensation varies by location, you receive a payment for each and every qualified signed referral, which can potentially result in thousands of dollars in additional income for you each month.

The lifetime referral aspect of the program ensures that every time someone rents your referred property, the renter receives a letter that introduces you and your business and provides your contact information, biography and a place to opt in your service. In addition, the renter’s monthly statement also includes your contact information.

At Casago, we offer property management and vacation rentals to a dozen beautiful areas in the United States and Mexico. Located in the finest communities, our properties, including gorgeous beach homes, condos and villas, are available in a wide range of prices that can accommodate any budget.

Offering more convenience, privacy and space than traditional hotels, vacation rentals provide renters a virtual home-away-from-home experience.

Because we use a high-tech platform, our comprehensive property management services are more affordable than those of competitors, yet the property owners’ revenue is higher because our secure online system of reports and apps is updated in real time on bookings, billings, deposits and payments. The owners can conveniently access all this information anywhere from any device.

We promote listings, which include professional photos, to more than 50 million travelers on over 25 major travel sites. Our professional staff is available 24/7 to take calls to book those listings.

Our live staff and apps give property owners the opportunity to conveniently manage the entire rental process, including check in, cleaning, inspections, maintenance and support. In real time, our mobile technology allows us to contact any professional service that’s needed. We manage all guest support calls during their stay, and we provide them with their own guest app that includes a map, rental unit and area guides and details about their reservation. Through social networking, we spread the word about rentals by collecting guest reviews that share positive experiences, which has proven to result in other travelers’ booking the properties.

Why wait? Join the growing popular trend of vacation rentals by becoming an affiliate or referral partner. There’s no obligation, it’s free and an unlimited earning potential awaits you.

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