We are excited to introduce Willamette Valley, Oregon as our latest branch in the Casago network

Enveloped in the stunning natural beauty of Oregon, Willamette Valley is a gem that’s waiting to be discovered. This picturesque region, nestled between the bustling city of Portland and the mesmerizing Oregon Coast, is a captivating blend of scenic landscapes and cultural richness. 

It’s a place where the mighty Columbia River Gorge carves its path, and the enchanting Silver Falls State Park beckons nature lovers with its awe-inspiring vistas.

The valley is home to a diverse tapestry of cultures, a testament to the generations of people who have made this region their home. Their warm hospitality and rich traditions add an extra layer of charm to the Willamette Valley experience.

And as you journey through the valley, you will be drawn to its lush vineyards, a sight to behold and a treat for wine enthusiasts! 

The region’s fertile soil nurtures some of the finest grape varieties, making it a prominent wine-producing area. Complementing these vineyards are the delightful U-pick farms, offering a fun-filled opportunity to pick your fruits and vegetables while soaking up the serene farm atmosphere.

But the allure of Willamette Valley doesn’t stop there. 

The region boasts nationally recognized nature parks, each one a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty. Whether you’re keen on hiking through verdant trails or exploring majestic waterfalls, outdoor pursuits here are abundant and diverse.

And for the foodies, Willamette Valley will not disappoint. Tantalize your taste buds with local delicacies at various food stands scattered across the town, each one promising a unique culinary adventure.

Or if you crave a dash of city life, Portland is just a stone’s throw away. The city’s vibrant arts scene, trendy boutiques, and eclectic eateries offer a delightful contrast to the tranquil beauty of the valley.

Willamette Valley is more than just a destination; it’s an experience that blends nature, culture, and gastronomy into a memorable journey that is a must-visit destination on any traveler’s vacation list! 

Meet The Austad Vacation Rental Family

Oregon, particularly the SW Portland area, is more than just my place of residence—it’s our home. 

And despite having lived in six different states, I’ve always felt an undeniable pull toward this region. It’s a connection that ultimately led me to establish a local Casago franchise here with my mom, allowing us to assist people in managing their vacation rentals.

And when it comes to vacations, I firmly believe in their transformative power. They provide us with a much-needed break from our routines, offering opportunities to unwind and reconnect with loved ones. However, having experienced a bad vacation myself, I also understand the disappointment of a vacation gone wrong. 

With this in mind, my mission has always been to ensure that guests enjoy a memorable stay at any property we manage. By helping my neighbors experience a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, I like to think we’re doing our small part to add a touch of joy to the world.

At the Willamette Valley Casago franchise, we are wholeheartedly committed to enhancing the guest experience. 

Our credo serves as a constant reminder: “The renter is our guest. I will treat them with genuine hospitality. The renter is away from home and looks to me to be their host. I will see to it that they are comfortable, safe, and cared for.” And as a team, we convene weekly to brainstorm ways to demonstrate our care for our guests. 

After all, their comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of what we do, and we love what we do!


We had a chance to catch up with Michael Austad and  Sue Austad, to learn a little more about their family business and our latest Casago franchise in Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Casago: Tell me a little about both of your backgrounds before deciding to get into the vacation rental industry.

Michael: We both owned and operated the largest Good Feet Store Franchise. Good Feet sells Arch Supports and Orthotics that help people live their best lives. We did this because we always had a passion to help people.

Casago: Tell me why you decided to get into the vacation rental industry.

Sue: Like our last business, the vacation rentals are about the customer’s experience. We all have rented great and bad vacation rentals, and the experience really affects us. 

Also, we don’t get to go on vacation very often, so we want to make sure that our guests get the best experience possible. 

And that is why we wanted to get into this industry—to help visitors have a great time in Oregon.

Casago: Tell me why you decided to join forces with Casago.

Michael: We looked around in the industry and found that Casago has the same priorities as us—making Casago an easy choice. 

And just like us, Casago first focuses on taking care of the guests, the homeowner, and their employees. After all that, they then focus on their business. 

Casago is a people-orientated business, and that is who we want to work with.

Casago: Would you like to tell us about your family? 

Michael: We are family! And Sue is my mom. She and I worked with my dad Dan and brother Dean in The Good Feet Store. Dean still works at Good Feet. 

My wife’s name is Manuela, and we have a fun little dude named Caleb.

Casago: Tell us about your involvement in your community.

Michael: We worked with Soles 4 Souls during our Good Feet days, and we also would regularly host Podiatrists at our store so anybody could get a free foot checkup from the doctor.

Casago: Do you have a quote that inspires you?

Michael: Not really a quote but a self motto, ” Someone, somewhere, with less than me has done more than me.” 

This motto always helped me to keep in mind that the human spirit can conquer many obstacles. So, if I am at a rough patch, I repeat this motto knowing that if I keep going and keep working, I can also do great things.

Become a Casago Franchise

Why become a Casago Franchise? Competition in the vacation rental industry is fierce. 

As a partner of Casago, you will have access to a plethora of technology, resources, and support! We work to ensure that your business has all the tools necessary for success. Plus, with 20+ offices worldwide, we’re able to leverage our purchasing power for the best prices on products you use every day. 

Casago is a family of people who are passionate about the Vacation Rental industry and love helping each other thrive. To learn more about becoming a part of the franchise family, check out our Franchise Page.  

We look forward to hearing from you!