Travel in the United States is on the rise. People are traveling for business, recreation, and to simply get away. AAA reports that nearly 40 million Americans traveled during the 2022 Memorial Day weekend, an increase of eight percent over 2021. This increase puts travel numbers near where they were five years ago.

A fabulous place to stay is one of the most important aspects of travel today. Travelers want a great location that fits their budget and lifestyle. Often, a traditional hotel stay doesn’t measure up, but a vacation rental does.

Did you know that Casago uses integration software for your convenience? You can find our properties not only on our website, but on all main travel booking websites, including Airbnb. This gives you easy access to some of the best vacation rentals worldwide and you can connect more easily with the Superhosts of Airbnb.

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Airbnb Fast Facts

Airbnb was established in 2007 with two hosts and three guests. Today, Airbnb has six million active listings in 100,000 cities and towns and more than four million hosts. Are people booking that many stays? Yes, they are. During 2021, more than 360 million nights were booked. Airbnb reports that as of March 2022, the average annual earnings per U.S. host was nearly $14,000 and for some Superhosts that number was higher.

What is a Superhost on Airbnb?

Airbnb defines a Superhost as “someone who goes above and beyond in their hosting duties and is a shining example of how a Host should be.”

On average, a Superhost is one of the most-experienced Airbnb hosts. They have consistently demonstrated outstanding hospitality and have earned top-ratings from their guests.

When you visit the Airbnb site, Superhosts are designated by the distinctive badge that appears on their listing and profile. Less than twenty percent of all Airbnb hosts achieve Superhost status. The status of Superhost is something that many hosts strive to achieve and one that guests recognize when booking.

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How to Become a Superhost on Airbnb

The road to becoming a Superhost on Airbnb can be a long one. It’s not a designation lightly bestowed on hosts offering the most luxurious or expensive rentals. Airbnb has established criteria that must be met and maintained in order to keep the title once it’s been earned.

Here’s how it works:

  • Required: 4.8 or higher overall rating based upon reviews from Airbnb guests in the past year.
  • Required: 10 or more completed stays in the past year or 100 total nights over at least three completed stays.
  • Required: a host cancellation rate of less than one percent.
  • Required: a 90-percent response rate to messages and that response must be generated within 24-hours of receiving the guest message.

Airbnb reviews all hosts every three months, checking to see if these criteria have been met within the last year. Hosts do not need to host for a full year to become a Superhost. For example, if you’re a new host but manage to meet all required criteria when your first assessment period comes up, you can earn your Superhost badge.

Superhosts can also lose their elite status. Miss any one of the requirements during your assessment, and you lose your title. It can be earned back during the next assessment.

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Benefits of Having Superhost Status

Once you gain Superhost status on Airbnb—just a badge or something truly valuable? Consumers have been conditioned to be more inclined to trust a business, organization, or personal profile that has some form of official verification. From the little blue checkmark on Twitter that signals an account has been verified as authentic to the elite badge for Yelp reviewers, an upgraded status typically adds credibility.

The Airbnb Superhost badge is a way for hosts to stand out. It shows guests that high-standards and criteria have been met and maintained. As a Superhost, you may enjoy a variety of benefits directly related to your elite status. Remember, less than 20-percent of all Airbnb hosts earn Superhost status.

The top benefits of having Superhost status include:

  • Attract more guests with the Superhost badge
  • Opportunity to earn more money
  • Bonus referral income, an extra 20-percent on top of the usual referral bonus
  • Bonus Airbnb coupon of $100 (each year Superhost status is maintained)

Superhost Super Powers? Improve Bookings and Revenue

It doesn’t matter what product you’re selling, if consumers don’t know about it, it won’t sell. This is exceptionally true in the competitive vacation rental market. Just because your vacation rental is located in a hotspot doesn’t mean that guests know about it or will select it out of a line-up with dozens of similar rentals. Being a Superhost can help set your rental apart from others, even ones with a similar location, rate, and amenities.

Having that Superhost badge on your Airbnb profile can help attract the eye of guests looking for an exceptional experience. After all, exceptional service is how you earned Superhost status. The credibility the badge/status conveys can help be the tipping point when a guest is deciding between your rental and one not owned by a Superhost.

On average, increased credibility plus higher visibility will often lead to more bookings. More bookings equal more revenue. In addition, by increasing the number of bookings, you’ll meet the Superhost requirement of ten or more completed stays.

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Tips to Maintain Your Superhost Title

Because that Superhost title can mean increased earnings, let’s look at a few tips that can help you maintain that important status with Airbnb. Begin by keeping up with the basics. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Maintain a detailed listing with copy that’s not only informative but that is also engaging to read. If that copy is boring and dry, a potential guest may navigate away.
  • Make adjustments to your listing to fit the season or upcoming holiday, spotlighting seasonal/holiday-specific things to do nearby.
  • Optimize your listing title: use all the characters allowed, abbreviations save space (BR = bedroom), and include colorful adjectives (luxury, contemporary, peaceful).
  • Professional photos elevate your listing and can be as important as that Superhost badge as attention-grabbers.
  • Adjust prices: drop rates as needed, optimize for holidays and peak seasons.
  • Respond to messages as soon as possible. Be friendly, consistent, and detailed with your answers to help avoid confusion and any miscommunication.
  • Maintain the highest level of cleanliness throughout the rental.
  • Always provide a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience for all guests.

Casago Integration Software for Superhost Connections

As previously mentioned, Casago uses integration software so you can easily see our vacation rentals on the other travel booking sites. These include not only Airbnb but VRBO and others. While browsing through the huge selection of amazing rentals on our Casago site, you’ll see our own star-rating system as well.

Our distinctive rating system includes guest reviews as well as an in-depth, individual property review from our cleaning and maintenance heads. The blended score ensures the rating you see online tells the whole story. Our five-star properties are truly exceptional. Guests can find these rentals throughout the United States and Mexico in vacation destinations like Santa Barbara, California; Kona, Hawaii; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

It’s time to book that perfect vacation rental and Casago is your ticket to the Superhosts of Airbnb and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with friends or that special person or maybe a much-needed family vacation, your ideal rental is waiting for you at Casago.


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