USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

The Casago Rating® – Casago’s Exclusive Rating System

What is the Casago Rating®?

Casago offers a distinctive rating system that separates us from the more common vacation rental property management companies. Throughout our 20 years of servicing vacation rentals in Mexico and the US we have devised a system that ensures every property receives a stellar review. Our cleaning and maintenance crew take pride in our system so that your vacation property is well cared for, ready for your guests, and ready for you when you arrive.

1. Inspected Rating System

Our unique Vacation Rental Rating system is derived from empirical data compiled for each property. Each year our properties undergo an extensive review system by our cleaning and maintenance heads ensuring that our properties are being kept up in good condition. During this process we look at cleanliness, kitchen supplies, condition of the furnishings, proper amount and quality of bedding, wear and tear on walls, and roughly 50 more points of inspection. We do not, however, take into account for taste, owner’s color choices, or if the property’s decor suits our inspector’s personal taste, which is why Casago provides our property owners with professional photos and a virtual reality tour of the property to maximize the listing potential.

We report back all of our findings to our property owners allowing them the opportunity to direct us, or take upon themselves, to make improvements necessary that will increase their Casago Rating.

Properties with a higher Casago Rating are displayed as priority on our website in search results, our display widgets and promotions.

2. Guest Review Rating

Casago provides an extensive survey system with acute attention to detail ensuring that every guest completes upon check out. This survey includes questions about service, the property itself, problems they may have had during their stay and ideas for future guests of the property . The Key Performance Indicators such as condition of the furnishings, kitchen inventory and how aesthetically appealing the over decor is, are all part of what goes into a blended rating for the property from the guests.

This rating is displayed on our website with any additional comments the guests may have for potential guests to see upon booking.

3. Casago Rating®

1+2 = 3 as our blended score of the rigorous inspection process that is the Casago Rating in addition to the extensive account provided by guests prior to checkout complete our combined evaluation that ensures that each property receives a fair display in our search results. Guests that are booking with us appreciate that we show them the top properties based on our ratings, and the fairness of combining our guests scores as well.