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Why Hire a Vacation Rental Property Management Company in San Francisco and the Bay Area?

You’ve invested in property in the San Francisco or Bay Area or maybe both. Now you’re ready to turn a profit. Real estate, unlike stocks and bonds, is a tangible asset. You decided to buy property instead of something more risky because you did research and made a cautious move, not an impulsive one. That’s great. Hiring an experienced property manager to make sure you get the most back from your investment, however, may be something that you’ve overlooked and should consider. There are so many services that an effective property management team can provide you with whether your vacation rental is in San Mateo, Redwood City, Burlingame, San Carlos, Millbrae, San Francisco, Foster City or the Bay area. Read on to learn more about how they can benefit you.

Property managers make sure that you produce income. An experienced property management service will make it their business to keep your vacation rental occupied by the right tenants.

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Extensive Tenant Screening

When trying to identify the best tenants, screening is essential. Unlike using online platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO, which can be quite a gamble when so little is known about incoming renters, having a company in charge of managing your rental will enable you to thoroughly vet occupants beforehand. Making sure that there’s a good match between what they’re looking for and you’re offering relieves a lot of the worry too. Screening tenants for a vacation rental that you’ve put so much effort, time and money into making nice shouldn’t only require a phone call and application though. A competent property management company will run a background and credit check on every guest upon booking. The process will include getting a signature. Phones and addresses are validated. Deeper background checks can be run to alleviate worries about incoming renters who might be booking for longer than usual or raise red flags.

Property Managers in the Bay Area

Property managers are invaluable in the event that you don’t personally reside in Burlingame, San Carlos, Millbrae, San Francisco, Foster City, Redwood City, San Mateo and it’s not possible for you to travel to the vicinity of the property that you’re renting to meet and greet arriving guests or take back the key when they’re leaving. Having a company on site and ready to handle this for you relieves the headache of traveling long distance. This service should include validating the number of tenants who arrive is the same as was expected. It should include confirming that they have or haven’t brought pets. A property manager provides you the assurance of 24/7 availability in the event that a repair or something else just as urgent is needed. Most importantly. You have someone at your disposal to do an inspection walk through at the beginning of a guest’s stay and at the end to confirm that nothing on the premises of your vacation rental has been damaged. Most property owners who rent out a vacation property have daily jobs that prevent them from interacting with their guests as much as their guests might like. Having a service to handle this for you helps keep guests happy and eager to recommend your vacation rental to others.

The best property management team will handle your account using state-of-the-art technology that will allow you to log in and access any documents you need related to bookings such as the dates they were made. You should be able to get accounting specifics such as the amounts of deposits and payments received or are on the way.

Tips and Help With Your Investment Property


Concierge Service to help your guests with things to do around San Francisco, special occasions, or just help with getting what they need in their vacation rental is another plus to having property managers on board. Being able to provide your guests with the personalized attention they need to experience the utmost in comfort while renting your property guarantees your Airbnb, VRBO and other site reviews maintain their 5 stars ratings.

Few property owners have time to screen tenants, handle cleaning, maintenance and upkeep. There are so many moving parts to owning a property that you rent to guests. Not being able to manage a vacation rental as well as you’d like can deprive it of meeting its full income potential.

A property management company worth its weight in salt will also play a role in identifying prospective guests in the future through in-house sales efforts and prospecting. They can assume responsibility for promoting and publicizing your vacation rental, which may involve wording and running ads. They’ll customize the services they offer so that you can benefit financially and personally.

Property Managers that Care

Casago Property Managers are familiar with the business of vacation rentals. We’re known for offering our exceptional services to long term residents with vacation rentals in the US and Mexico. You can promote your rental on our site as well as Homeaway, Airbnb VRBO and a large number of others. We know the full range of advertising and promotion opportunities available to you when you want to attract new guests to your vacation rental. In the event that you’re considering buying more rental property but are concerned about your ability to manage your growing base of renters, we’re happy to consult with you and help explain how our services would enable you to expand without stress. We assist our clients who are interested in renting for longer periods to identify and locate high quality tenants who have relocated for work and are seeking corporate housing. Working with us ensures your home is booked solid each month. We have a long history of collaborating with local realtors. We’re also adept at getting your home listed on, Zillow and many more real estate sites quickly. The vacation rental market is growing rapidly as people move around for business and pleasure than ever before. Recent forecasts predict that owners of comfortable privately owned properties will surpass big hotel chains in popularity. You’re in a growth business. To take full advantage of the personal and financial success your rental properties can bring you, contact us. We’ll make sure you optimize the way you manage your vacation rental business. 

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