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USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

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We Are Trained Experts In Talent Acquisition And Management

In addition to a corporate housing property management company, we have staff who are trained experts in talent acquisition and management. We understand human resource rules and know that confidentiality is essential for both customer and candidate. We discretely handle each client’s information on a need-to-know basis while processing their application.

We act as a representative of the company. Therefore, we have a vested interest in making sure we are placing tenants in your property who will act responsibly and take good care of that property.

We'll Find You Housing Personalized to Your Financial Needs

For an intern, landing an opportunity to work at a company that matches their field of study can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Although the position is not permanent, often, it can lead to a permanent job offer. Interns don’t usually make the type of money to pay for an expensive apartment and may not have anyone else to help support them. Therefore, finding the right apartment is paramount to their financial survival. Our property management company is skilled in finding apartments for interns that are best suited to their financial situation. Part of our services may also include matching interns who have similar backgrounds and interests so they can share a place together. Your property may be the perfect location for an intern looking for a short-term rental.

We conduct the following services when renting to interns: