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The primary goal of a housing consultant is to develop and maintain business relationships with clients who own properties that they want to rent or sell and clients who have a need to rent or purchase those properties. Whether they represent the buyer or seller, their goal is to connect the two entities. Listing your property with a property management company will ensure your property is considered when consultants are seeking a property for their client. All of the actions we take are for the benefit of our clients. We want them to get the most amount of money for their property while offering a fair price to the buyers. By doing so, we ensure that both parties receive the highest level of service and that all parties are satisfied.

Consultants routinely have a need to find the right properties for their clients. Many of them require accommodations that last longer than a week. If a client is traveling on business that is expected to continue for several months, the best solution is usually a furnished apartment as opposed to a hotel. The number of properties available for rent on such terms is limited, which makes it more challenging for business consultants. Consultants exercise several options when looking for properties for their clients. Some of these are hotels designed for a week or longer.

We'll Find You Housing Personalized To Your Financial Needs

Our housing solutions software is the perfect tool for consultants. Our products will help keep them organized, which also helps with time management. We have properties available in global markets to accommodate clients wherever their business travel takes them. All the properties that we make available to our clients are immaculately maintained and represent the best quality. These properties are guaranteed to meet the satisfaction of the most demanding clients. Some of the services we offer consultants:

Booking in Real-Time:

As a consultant, you can manage your client’s booking in real-time and work with our staff to ensure that every detail tailored explicitly to your client’s trip is taken care of.

Professional Representation:

We have a professional staff who are accustomed to handling transactions for all types of clients. We promise that your client will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Trained and Experienced Professionals:

Trained and Experienced Professionals:

Our staff is trained in corporate housing property management. Most of them have years of experience in the property management industry. They have the knowledge to be able to answer any questions from the consultant or client.

24/7 Availability:

We have staff that is always available to handle any situation that arises. Our clients have our guarantee that their case will be resolved, or they will either be reimbursed or otherwise compensated depending on the situation.