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Imagine that your employer just notified you that the office where you currently work is closing, and everyone will be moving to a new corporate headquarters located several states away. You have the option of remaining in your present position if you transfer with the company. Otherwise, your job will be eliminated, and you will be let go.

The company gives you 90 days to make a decision and another 90 days to report to the new location. You decide to move, but you don’t know anything about the area where you will be moving to? This would be a tough situation for which the employee and their family were not prepared to handle. However, this stressful situation can be easier managed with the assistance of a relocation company.

As a property management company, we have established relationships with several corporations that have employees who need to relocate and property owners who have properties available for sale or rent. By listing your property with a property management company, your property will be accessible to this vast pool of clients who are looking for either short-term or long-term rental solutions.

Our company provides the following relocation services to our clients:

Researching destinations and providing information about area amenities and resources.

Locating apartment to rent.

Locating homes to purchase.

We have professional staff on call and available to assist them 24/7.

We can either assist them with mortgage services or provide referral services for mortgages, packing and shipping services, and other settling-in activities.

If listed with us, your apartment or house will be advertised as a potential rental property. We have partnerships with real estate companies to assist them with purchasing a new home in a neighborhood where their family will want to call home. Based on the individual needs of the client, we have multiple contacts in most major cities that can provide information, rate quotes, and other property information.