Cedar Rapids

Why Visit Cedar Rapids?
Cedar Rapids is one of the best vacation spots in Iowa, and it is the second-largest city in the state. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will have a memorable experience visiting the city.
Vacation Rentals in Cedar Rapids Iowa
Cedar Rapids is home to a variety of vacation rentals. When on vacation in this location, you can rent a condo, house, or apartment. You can get rentals at US Cellular Center, National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library, Paramount Theatre, Noelridge Park, and Czech Village. You can also rent golf resort rentals like Lake Rentals and Downtown rentals. Some rentals also have a pool, and you can rent them for an extra cost.

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Popular Things to do in Cedar Rapids Iowa
Below are the top four things to do while on vacation in Cedar Rapids.
1. National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
This museum and library facility showcases Slovak and Czech culture present in Iowa and beyond. It exposes tourists and community members to this European heritage. Open seven days a week; the museum will be available to let you see its photographs, artifacts, and living history of these cultures. As an enhancement to your experience, the museum provides guided tours.
2. African American Museum of Iowa
The African American Museum of Iowa illustrates, highlights, and emboldens the African American cultural history in the US and abroad. Guided tours will be offered to you as you enjoy the permanent and rotating exhibits that deal with significant points in the history of African Americans including but not limited to West African origins. In addition to the guided tours, the museum offers a consistent stream of community classes, speakers, and events which can assist to make you knowledgeable.
3. Brucemore
The Brucemore Estate includes a mansion standing on a 26-acre estate and its tales began in the mid to late 19th Century. For more than a century, various families of influence have moved in and out of the Brucemore, adding to the history of the property. The last owner of the estate gave the property to the National Trust Historic Preservation in 1981. Since then, the estate serves as a social-cultural hub which invites both tourists and locals to tour the estate gardens and the mansion. It is well-known for providing tours, offering a perfect place to appreciate history, and hosting exciting events.
4. Paramount Theatre
Paramount theatre was initially constructed as a movie place in the 1920s. After being ruined by floods in 2008, it was renovated and repaired. Restoration to its initial grandeur has been done and it welcomes different kinds of live performances such as community concerts and Broadway plays. Orchestra Iowa, the source of orchestra music in the state, is housed in the theatre. You will surely enjoy the event of your choice while sitting on the comfortable seats. The venue is both classic and lavish which adds to your experience.

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