Park Silly Sunday Market on Main St.

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From June-September, Sundays are reserved for the "Park Silly Sunday Market." Park City locals and tourists look forward to this eco-friendly, open-air event all year long! Main Street is filled with people from end-to-end enjoying the fresh air, numerous vendors, and lively atmosphere. There are dozens of tents, food trucks, and live entertainment throughout the block.

About Park Silly Sunday Market

The Park Silly Sunday Market is more than just your regular farmer's market. Their mission is to bring the community together and most of all, have fun! They also put a big emphasis on the Unity in commUnity. Also, as a non-profit organization, they aim to support local organizations, artists, and causes by providing them with a platform to spread their missions. This festival of arts and local businesses is a great place to spend your Sunday in Park City!

Tip: If you can we recommend you walk, take a shuttle or take an Uber here! Parking gets packed pretty quickly plus, lots can range in cost from $5/hour+.

Park Silly Food & Vendors

With over 100 vendors every Sunday, you can easily spend a couple hours walking around the market and enjoying all there is to offer. They do a great job of providing a large variety of vendors from hand-made or vintage clothing boutiques to farmers, breweries, and many other small businesses. Sometimes after spending a few days eating out on a vacation, what you truly start to crave is a home-cooked meal. If that sounds like you, we highly recommend planning a trip here to support the local vendors and purchase fresh produce or ingredients.

One of the most popular vendors here include a shaved ice truck which offers the perfect cool-down treat in the middle of a warm summer day. Another rave-worthy vendor is the Bloody Mary Bar! Here, you can build your own dream Bloody Mary cocktail with a selection of garnishes. Another fun and simple activity you can do here with your family or partner is to treat the market like a food festival! Pick up one thing from a variety of vendors so you can try it all. Trust us, you'll want a taste of so many delicious items here. Plus, it's a great way to support a few different local businesses while you're at it.

Artists & Entertainment at Park Silly

Part of what makes this market so special is the emphasis on being a festival of the arts! Many times when people see the word artist, they immediately think of either singers or painters. While these types of artists are at the market, they're only a subset of the incredible talent that falls under this category. There are jewelry-makers, ceramists, florists, crocheters, and more.

At Park Silly, they always have a featured artist for the week. This is a really cool, interactive offering for both kids and adults. Typically, the artist will perform and educate the crowd on what they do, with a chance to sell it afterwards. This is a great opportunity for local artists to gain some exposure and for observers to learn or be inspired by a new art-form. For the youngsters, there are exciting activities including bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, and live music to dance to. Lastly, there is a Roger Dodger Land area with plenty of additional kids' activities!

Local Tips

  • This seasonal event typically begins in June and ends in September.
  • For vendor or event information, visit the Park Silly Sunday Market website.
  • Walk, shuttle, or take an Uber here to avoid having to find parking.


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