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Harvest is a breakfast, lunch and coffee and pastry eatery ensconced in the valley of Park City, UT. Just steps from the Town Lift in central Park City, this Australian-style cafe is the perfect stop to fuel up before spending a day on the slopes.

They specialize in wholesome, healthy foods served in creative, attractive ways. The service is special, with an emphasis on friendliness and speediness! Even though this is by far one of the most popular spots in Park City, customers are seated quickly and served as promptly as possible. Of course, this depends on the crowds but they do their best.

Early arrivals are almost guaranteed a good seat, either outdoors, or indoors at the tables or at the food bar. This is the place to go to fill up with warmth fare prior to heading back out into snowy Park City. During the off-season, Harvest is still highly popular, with plenty of lighter dishes to accompany the milder Park City, Utah temperatures.

The self-proclaimed “aussie-style” simply refers to their modern versions and fusions of everyday ingredients, prepared and served in creative fashions. You’ll find things on the menu that are uncommonly tantalizing, like grilled peaches, pumpkin puree with eggs, shaved onions and chili jam. This is an eatery that will quickly become your go-to place during your stay in Park City. You’ll need to find a different place for dinner. Harvest is open only from 8AM to 3PM, seven days a week.

Location & Environment

The atmosphere inside Harvest is decidedly laid-back. It’s the kind of place where you can slide into a comfy chair and have all of your appetite needs fulfilled. There’s a lovely long table that can accommodate larger groups. But if you’re alone, no one’s going to mind if you pull up a chair in the “social seating” mindset. The folks who frequent this eatery tend to be friendly and inclusive. It’s a place where you might just find a new ski buddy for the day. There are also long benches with individual tables that seat up to four or five if you pull up an extra chair.

If you just want to run in for a quick cup of gourmet coffee and a pastry, there’s “food bar” with stool seating, where you can sip your java in quiet or strike up a conversation with a fellow coffee aficionado.

Harvest is inside a quaint, blue-grey painted wooden building, above street level. There are seven steps to navigate, but the stairs are heated to keep them free of ice in winter. If you head down Park Avenue, go to the corner of 9th Street and you’ll find Harvest at 820 North.

On balmy days, or when the inside is full of customers, you can enjoy your meal in the outside seating area, on the deck. There are stools that line up on the outside railing,  as well as long wooden tables just made for tucking into a good meal. If you’re in a rush you can get both takeout or curbside pick up. Just dial in your order for the same great service you get when you dine in. It was so nice outside, we opted to sit outside when we visited.

Healthy Meal Options

Every day brings a new specials menu at Harvest! One day it might be a breakfast brioche with scrambled egg, bacon, cheddar, arugula and chili jam. Another day it might be a grilled peach salad with mozzarella, shaved onions and arugula, drizzled with olive oil and honey dressing, made in-house. The daily special menu always has a custom juice of the day, too. If the idea of blueberry, lemon and apple appeals to you, you’ll be delighted with the specials offerings of Harvest. They always keep you on your toes with the freshest menu possible!

The entire menu at Harvest is made in-house, on-site. You won’t find any pre-made food trucks pulling up to the back of Harvest in the dead of night when nobody’s looking. In fact, the kitchen is open style, so you can sit at the bar and watch your order being made if you so desire. Other culinary enticements at Harvest include things like a breakfast buddha bowl and paleo bread.

Warm your stomach with a bowl of Chicken Laksa Noodle Soup! It's made with rice noodles, bean sprouts, coconut cream, cilantro & red chilis - so wholesome. This menu item, like some others, is gluten-free. Harvest’s extensive menu has something for everyone, no matter what your food preferences or dietary needs happen to be. My personal favorite breakfast item was the smashed avocado which includes two poached eggs and avocado on sourdough bread. So simple, but so satisfying.


Speaking of drinks, Harvest is the source for fair-trade roasted beans in Park City. Here, you can get espresso, coffee and a range of beverages like cappuccino, chai latte, piccolo latte, matcha tea latte, speciality smoothies and more. In particular, their Golden Milk beverage, made with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and coconut milk will lift your spirits even higher than the Park Mountain ski lift. I loved the mango, banana, and passionfruit smoothie to start my day. It felt even more nourishing with the super seed mix add-on!

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