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Visit San Jose, California!
Do you love to travel? If yes, San Jose must be your next destination. The location is well known for being the center of technology, but it is also a famous tourist destination. It is the third largest city in California, and it is rich in entertainment and history for you and your traveling companions. The trip will be worthwhile.

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Popular Things to do in San Jose California

There are numerous things to do while you are in San Jose and these are just but a few.
1. Pay a visit to the Winchester Mystery House
The house initially belonged to Sarah Winchester who was William Winchester’s widow. William Winchester was a famous gun magnate, and after he passed away, he left his wife a significant amount of inheritance. Soon after his death, Sarah began constructing this house. According to the legend, the property was built for 38 years and work continued till Sarah’s death. The house was constructed from the ground up comprising an intriguing maze of alcoves and rooms without an actual plan behind them.
2. Spend time at the Museum of Innovation
If you have a family, or in case you are a tech enthusiast, the Tech Museum of Innovation is an excellent place to visit. Originally, the museum was set up in a garage where it became so popular that it moved to the current facility after eight years. The museum’s objective is to inspire the next generation through showing a part of Silicon Valley. The facility engages today’s youth in improving the future.
3. Visit the Children’s Discovery Museum
Since the museum was opened in 1990, 7 million people have visited it. The facility has interactive exhibits made to respond to the varying needs of children. The museum has seen so much success that it is continually expanding. Your children will get the most out of the visit as they will interact with talented and experienced members of staff.
4. Visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
This facility has been dedicated to ancient Egypt. It is the most massive Museum in the Western US with the most collection of Ancient Egyptian items. The museum makes you feel like you are in Egypt as its architectural style resembles that of Ancient Egyptians. It has numerous notable exhibits like the stone figure of Cleopatra and a statue of Taweret.

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Vacation Rentals in San Jose California

San Jose has numerous vacation rentals for tourists and locals who are on vacation. The rentals range from houses to apartments. When traveling with friends and family, you can stop by Willow Glen, Downtown, South San Jose, North San Jose, and West San Jose as they are the areas with the most rentals. Other places you can get rentals include Santa Clara University, Great Mall of the Bay Area, SAP Center, Silicon Valley University, and San Jose Convention Center. If you have deep pockets, you can rent a golf course, ski rentals, mountain rentals, and rentals with a pool inside.

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If you are either a tourist or a property owner, you are in the right place. We got you!

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