Businesses all over the world continue to engage in cutthroat competition. While in the past companies would brush shoulders with money moves, the case is different today. Companies have to compete holistically. They have to fight for the market, talent, raw materials, and exclusive deals and so on.

One area that this cutthroat competition is real is in attracting and keeping talent. Companies that need emerging skills in the science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) are squaring it up in a big way. Small and big companies have to compete with tech giants such as Alphabet, Apple or Facebook. These companies have tons of money to spend.

Offering the best salary is no longer a winner when it comes to emerging talents. Companies are digging deeper; not just in their pockets, they are looking for exciting offers. It is all about offering an experience of a lifetime. The few good brains that they get, they want to get the most out of them.

To achieve their goals, they know they have to give them the best to receive the benefits. For example, Google takes care of virtually every cost for their interns. They want the intern to show up at work as early as possible ready to take on the world. An employee is prepared to leave a mark before his or her summer internship is over.

One of the top benefits is corporate housing for Interns. It comes in handy for your company, too. Google offers roommates in their corporate dwellings. It gives the new team time to bond and be comfortable. Good employers know that getting a convenient option for shelter is difficult when you are on your own. It is time-consuming and expensive. However, with the newfound company housing craze, your team will need a suitcase and a few fridge supplies.

Five groups are actively using these services. They include business travelers, government travelers, emergency and relief workers and victims, contractors, and people who are relocating. Companies that have these classes of people are actively looking for fantastic offers for their teams. They know employees sacrifice a lot when they go out there in the field. A shelter is a good starting point if you want to make the environment comfortable for them to deliver.

Anyone who feels that a hotel is not adequate for the duration of visit can use this service. Companies don’t want to engage in the house-hunting mission. They want this sorted out in a timely and efficient manner. That is where companies such as Casago Property Management Company come in.

They arrange for convenient corporate housing

Each company has its preferred corporate housing method. They know what suits them best. All the property management company does is to study the characteristics of the employees, interns, or executives that the company wishes to host. They then match the client with the right service.

It might sound simple, but it can be quite an uphill task when you have to host more than one class of people. You have to give each person something worthy of his or her stature.

They make shopping arrangements

Some companies require matching of roommates whenever they have shared dwellings. They may also want added services such as room service and dry-cleaning. Executives wish to have an all-inclusive experience for their employees. This is what corporate housing is all about—having someone to take care of all your needs.

The allure of corporate/executive/serviced apartments is down to its perky options. People in this business acknowledge the growth in the area. They believe it is down to the following reasons.

They give you a homier and roomier experience

Everyone wants to feel at home. Business travel has never felt like home. Executive housing is changing that with its home-feel setting. Everything is there for you to savor. The furniture, space, décor, and entertainment are there for you. The only thing missing is your family, and you can always come with them.

This roomier experience is excellent as people can even host business meetings in their office-like apartments. You can take a power nap on the cushy sofa or relax in the Jacuzzi. If you love the kitchen, you can cook your meals right there. It does not just feel at home; it is home away from home.

Comparatively cheaper dwellings

Hotel bills can escalate fast when you are staying for an extended period. With company housing, there is only one bill to pay. Once you decide how long you will be residing on the premises, an invoice is generated. With one bill, you will have sorted a month-long business trip. Companies want to make one budget for their functions. They don’t want movable bills that keep changing.

Permanent dwellings such as leases and monthly rentals are expensive. You have to furnish your house before you make it comfortable, which takes time and other resources. The cost of moving is also substantial. With serviced rentals, you can book right there and move in in the next second.

Proximity to workplaces

They serve a specific class of people who happen to be employees of mass employers. To make sense to the people, they must be readily accessible via main transportation routes such as public transport, airport or taxis. They are located at the heart of commercial districts and streets. If you need supplies, you have access to convenience stores and service malls.

Diverse options

You are not short of options when it comes to corporate housing for interns. You can choose from a wide range of units. The most common units are one and two-bedroomed suites. Self-contained suites are also available. Companies accommodating mass employees prefer shreds quarters with two or three roommates. There are other offers for discerning clients.


Corporate Housing for Interns is fast becoming a trend in the intern world. It is a great way to host your future employees. It is also a great way to get the best out of what the market offers. To take full advantage of this, consult with a reputable company that has the skills and expertise connecting customers to a dream business residence.


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