What you need to know before you get started!

At Casago, we take pride in ensuring that your experience listing with us is as easy and seamless as possible. Our staff is always available to help if you ever need anything. When setting up your property to list with us, we know how confusing, time consuming, and frustrating it can be.

Before you get started, be sure to have the following ready to answer and provide:

    1. What Type of Property? Do you have a single family home or a condo/townhome style property? If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will help you.
    2. How Many Does Your Property Sleep? There is a distinct difference between how many bedrooms, how many beds and how many people can sleep in your property. The number of people that your place can sleep is determined not just by the number of bedrooms and beds, but by the additional sleeper couch, futon, air mattress, etc that you might have available for additional guests to sleep comfortably.
    3. How Many Bedrooms? Our sign up process is geared for properties that are 5 bedrooms or less. If you property is larger, please contact us immediately and we will get you set up over the phone.
    4. Bathrooms – the differences between a toilet with no tub or shower (.5 bath) verses a bathroom with just a shower and no tub (.75 bath) and a full shower, tub and toilet bathroom (1 full bath) is important to our guests and we want to be sure it is clear which size is available to them in your property.
    5. Photos – Either before, or after signing up, we suggest hiring a professional or spend the time shooting your property after you have cleaned and staged the space and taken the photos on a bright cheery day. Casago Guests prefer to see beautiful professional quality photos of the properties they choose to stay in. The brighter, clear, decent sized photos are the ones that draw the most attention. Additional photos of the surrounding area of your property is an additional bonus and always welcomed to draw our guests to your place.

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