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USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

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We are Owner-Centric™

We hear it over and over: stories of property owners whose management companies do not put them first. We were founded on the idea that owners are our number one priority. What does that mean exactly? It means that we are your advocate. When you are absent, we are there to represent you as if it was our own property. Making sure that every decision is based on what is best for the property owner is a part of our culture and ongoing training. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind that your investment is being expertly managed and eliminate the stress and issues that can arise from being a rental property owner. You can rest easy knowing that, at Casago, we put YOU first.

We market your property in ways other’s just…. can’t

While many of our competitors will put your property on their website and maybe a handful of others, our coverage is unbeatable. Not only does our own website receive 7.5 million hits a month, but we will put your property on the top 150+ travel sites. We also enter you into the local MLS so that every local realtor has a chance to refer your property. This opens you up to such opportunities as being on Zillow, Redfish, Trulia,, and another additional 100 real estate websites.

Seasonal rentals have a high and low season in each market. Casago mitigates this by being a fully licensed corporate housing company. Corporate relocations and executive temporary housing are a year-round business, filling in the gaps that seasonal short-term rentals leave open. By offering your property through our corporate housing network, channel partners, and website, you will experience higher occupancy year-round.

Even our competitors say we are obsessed with transparency

You have a busy life. You may be miles away from where your property is located. It goes without saying that you have to be able to trust your property manager. How do we build that trust? One word: transparency.

  • Our technology makes sure that we notify you every single time there is a reservation or cancellation for your property.
  • Our GPS trackers automatically notify you every time one of our company owned vehicles arrives at your home.
  • We never fix anything without you knowing about it and seeing the photos.

It’s our belief that the more we show you exactly what we are doing, the less you’ll need to worry about what we are doing.

No-surprise statements… guaranteed

There is nothing worse than opening up your statement and finding all sorts of charges, fees and maintenance work that you had no idea about. The worst part is, it was already done and nothing can be done about it now. That’s not how we do things. If we didn’t send you the work order and a photo of the work before and after along with explanations… THE WORK IS FREE!!! We know that is the way to keep your business.

Property management isn’t just something we do… it’s all we do!

While many real estate companies dabble in vacation rentals, corporate housing or residential property management, they’re not passionate about it like we are. We are self-proclaimed Property Management Geeks. It’s important because that passion leads to us being experts in our field. It's not just a side income while we do something else. It is our only focus. This leads to better cared for properties and higher incomes for our owners.

We are a licensed brokerage

Most people don’t think about it, but in most states in the US it’s required to be licensed and insured when operating as a property manager. Many individuals or companies claim to be property managers but are operating outside the legal boundaries and exposing you to liability. We are bonded, insured, and manage paying all of your appropriate city and state tourism taxes to insure you are never at risk.

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