USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

USA & Canada: (877) 276-5745 | En Mexico: (638) 383-0700

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We Market Your Real Estate Services to EVERY Guest In 4 Different Ways

Reasons To Partner With Casago

We are the only local vacation rental management team referring our valued guests to you as the local Real Estate Expert!

Your Client is our top priority when they are ready to buy and sell again we always refer them back to you.

You will appreciate the Casago difference - Our Owner-Centric philosophy delivers the care, income, and transparency our homeowners, your clients, deserve.

We offer unparalleled customer service and open communication with our guests, homeowners, and referring agents.

We pay you and turn your sales into referral machines that generate a lifetime of valuable sales leads for your business.

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About Our Lifetime of Leads Program

As a leading property management company in the US and Mexico, our goal is to provide our guests with a vacation rental that makes them feel at home, and our homeowners with a trustworthy full-service property management solution for their investment.

We are constantly approached for recommendations on trusted realtors by both our guests exploring the local real estate market in their vacation destination, and our valued homeowners looking to alter or expand their rental portfolios.

Our Lifetime of Leads referral program is tailored specifically for trusted real estate professionals looking to tap into the lucrative vacation rental market and reach more rental property buyers and sellers with ease. As a company, we have the peace of mind that our guests and owners will be expertly guided through the real estate process, and you have the peace of mind that your clients’ rental investments are exceptionally maintained and managed with maximum profitability.

Success in the real estate industry begins with an effective network! Join our Lifetime of Leads referral program and let us help you maximize your earning potential and grow your real estate portfolio with a Lifetime of Leads.

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Loved working with Casago
I have loved working with Casago over the years. Their lifetime leads program is fantastic. Not only did I get leads, but my marketing was at the home I referred to them. They touch every guest four times with my marketing. I will definitely refer all my owners to Casago. Jennie Strait and her team have been wonderful with our clients. They are personal, knowledgeable and professional. I don’t easily refer to any company and feel confident when I send my clients their way. They are a five-star company all the way!
Melissa Birch, Svensson-Birch Partners, Senior Estate Director


I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am of you and Casago. Since Casago came to our market, we’ve been able to successfully refer dozens of clients to guys. With your help our clients have continued to purchase homes from us and be able to enjoy a passive income from these income producing properties. The best part is, we’ve never had one complaint with you and your team. When we call, you answer. You’ve also been so helpful with providing our clients with ACCURATE projections for properties we are buying or selling for them. I look forward to continuing working with you and your rock star team in the future.
William Hamburg, Realty One Group Mountain Desert, Associate Broker


As a REALTOR®, I interact with lots of short term rental companies and Roman is the only person I would work with. He is amazing from the efficiency he works with, to the knowledge he possesses, and his love for this industry.
Bill Cafferata