Heading to Big Bear, California in the name of outdoor adventure comes with plenty of potential for fun. This dynamic all-seasons vacation destination caters to travelers with a variety of interests when it comes to getting out and getting into nature. While biking, swimming, and boating are all readily available for the enjoying, there’s something special about lacing up and hitting the trails in this area. While it’s likely you won’t get to them all during a single visit, here are the top five Big Bear hiking trails to get your trip started off on the right foot.

Big Bear Lake Hiking Trails: Pine Knot Trail

When you’re looking for a hike with a focus on the scenery, Pine Knot Trail is a wonderful place to start. Located off of Mill Creek Road, Pine Knot Trail can be accessed across from the popular picnic area and is a moderately difficult trail that takes hikers through a collection of wildflowers and oak trees. This trail is particularly popular amongst hikers looking for spectacular lake and forest views.

Alpine Pedal Path

Accessible at the Stanfield Cutoff, the Alpine Pedal Path is the perfect solution for those hikers that are accompanied by friends and family who prefer to bike. This stretch of road is smoothly paved allowing hikers, joggers, and skaters to easily move side by side around the north shore of the lake. The Alpine Pedal Path links up with the Big Bear Discovery Center for those looking for added fun to their day and is also a popular place for eagle spotting.

Castle Rock Trail

Perhaps the most popular of all of the Big Bear Lake hiking trails, Castle Rock Trail gives hikers a moderately challenging experience with a bit of steepness in the beginning that levels out fairly quickly. Hikers looking for a tranquil experience will want to head out early in the morning and make the most of the sweeping valley views waiting for them. At just under 2.5 miles out and back, Castle Rock Trail is a refreshing experience that comes with the added benefit of encounters with beautiful trees, streams, and even a waterfall.

Cougar Crest Trail

With 5.5 miles of fun waiting, Cougar Crest Trail is a task to take on for those more experienced hikers looking for a challenge. 750 feet of elevation gain can be expected along this route. You’ll want to pack a lot of water and when it’s time to stop and enjoy the view, do so at the Bertha Peak summit. If you’re a hiker who is up for some serious adventure, Cougar Crest Trail conveniently connects with the Pacific Crest Trail.

Woodland Interpretive Trail

When you’re looking for a trail that caters to the entire family and can accommodate hikers of all ages and abilities, Woodland Interpretive Trail is the answer you’ve been looking for. This exciting and educational trail is only 1.5 miles out and back but comes with a guide at the trailhead so hikers can identify flowers, wildlife, and rock formations along the way. Turn your outdoor adventure into a learning opportunity while also taking time to simply enjoy the view.

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