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Chocolatree Organic Eatery is a true oasis in Sedona. Here, everyone is welcome and encouraged to be their true, authentic selves. Behind this vegetarian friendly establishment is two co-creators, Radhika Jen Marie and Kelly Johnson.

Radhika is an experiental gardener and chef. She continues to develop her line of live foods. You can purchase these products online and at the Chocolatree marketplace. Alternatively, Kelly is a chocolatier. They hand-harvest cacao pods on their small farms. Through a labor-intensive process, they are able to stone ground them and craft the cacao into delicious chocolate.

The vision of this eatery is to hand-craft every dish to be 100% organic. Using vibrant, fresh, and gluten-free ingredients - it is entirely homemade. Chocolatree is very present in the community and giving back! In addition, they source many of their ingredients locally. Anything they aren't able to grow themselves, they source from organic, trust-worthy sources. Due to the labor and love that goes into each and every dish, this restaurant is on the smaller side. This allows them to accommodate for each guest in a timely manner.

There are dozens of ways that Chocolatree upholds their vision of creating a fully organic and natural paradise. For example, their printing paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. Moreover, all their packaging is 100% recyclable. In the marketplace, nut and seed butters are packaged in glass rather than plastic. As you can see, they fully commit to making each part of the process as eco-friendly as possible.

We recommend trying these dishes at Chocolatree:

Green Goddess Salad

A Green Goddess Salad is always a good, refreshing choice. At Chocolatree, this salad begins with greens and kale. Next, they add avocado, cucumber, sea vegetable dulse, herb pate, spirulina, and sprouted seeds. Finally, it's dressed with a tasty cilantro vinaigrette.

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder is a Southwestern classic, it would be perfect in the colder Arizona seasons. In this spin, the dish comes with yellow corn, yukon potato, and red bell peppers. Moreover, if you want a little extra you can add in wild rice, corn cake, bread, and more.

Sedona 2012 Corn Enchilada

This vegan enchilada is a must-try! Firstly, the dish begins with a spicy tomato wrap. Inside, you'll find a delicious blend of organic ingredients. This mix includes basmati rice, tomato sauce, guacamole, vegan cheddar crumble, and hot sauce.


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