All About Gorgeous Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a Southwestern desert community that’s not far at all from the city of Flagstaff. The town is a haven for natural sights. If you want to feast your eyes on pines, canyons and red rocks galore, there aren’t many destinations on the planet that can hold a candle to “Red Rock Country.” People typically fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International in Phoenix. It’s a little less than two hours away by car. Although Phoenix Sky Harbor International is the closest sizable airport to the community, Flagstaff Pulliam is also in the area. It’s a 40-minute drive away.

A Look at Flagstaff Pulliam

Flagstaff Pulliam accommodates travelers who are based in and around Flagstaff. It’s situated roughly five miles away from the city itself, however. It’s part of Coconino County. Airlines that operate out of Flagstaff Pulliam are both United Express and American Eagle. These airlines cater to travelers who need to access cities such as Denver, Colorado, Los Angeles, California, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and, last but not least, Phoenix, Arizona. The public airport spans approximately 763 acres total.

Options That Are Accessible to People Who Visit Flagstaff Pulliam

People who visit Flagstaff Pulliam can take advantage of a broad range of offerings. Passengers can reap the rewards of parking that’s free, first of all. People who want to log on to the Internet while waiting at the location can do so as well. High-speed broadband Internet access is on hand all throughout the structure for passenger ease.

It isn’t uncommon for passengers to want to eat something while at Flagstaff Pulliam. That’s why it features a designated “Air Cafe.” It’s on the airport’s ground floor and is accessible to passengers each day beginning at 5:30 in the morning. Passengers who have early flights can often nosh on a number of mouthwatering snacks and meals prior to boarding. They can purchase refreshments of all kinds, too.

Ground transportation is always a big consideration for individuals who are traveling using airports. If you’re going to be traveling through Pulliam Flagstaff, car rental is a choice that’s accessible to you. Taxis are also accessible to any and all passengers. The structure has various vehicle rental agencies that are inside of the terminal. There are also various cab firms that accommodate passengers. Vehicle rental businesses that have presences at Flagstaff Pulliam include National Car Rental, Hertz, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Budget/Avis and Alamo. Cab firms that are frequently spotted on the premises are Flagstaff Taxi, Sun Taxi & Tours, A Friendly Cab, Action Cab Taxi and Tours, Better Taxi, Hurry Cab Flagstaff, AFC Transportation Inc., Tophat Taxi & Tours and Apex Taxi.

Traveling Through Phoenix Sky Harbor International

Phoenix Sky Harbor International is markedly bigger than Flagstaff Pulliam. It accommodates widely known airlines like American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, British Airways, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. It goes to cities all around the planet as well. Examples of these international and national cities are Albuquerque, New Mexico, New Orleans, Louisiana, Vancouver, Canada, London, United Kingdom, Guadalajara, Mexico, Seattle, Washington and Frankfurt, Germany.

Shopping and dining are both a piece of cake to people who visit Phoenix Sky Harbor International. It has a total of three terminals. Dining establishments that are inside of these terminals run the gamut People can choose between all sorts of sit-down eateries if they wish. They can also opt to go for casual fast food offerings. Fast food can be helpful to travelers who are in rushes. People can eat at Phoenix Sky Harbor International regardless of the late hour. Options are on hand around the clock.

People who spend time at Phoenix Sky Harbor International can look around boutiques of all varieties. They can purchase souvenirs for friends and family members if they desire. They can buy chic clothing pieces from acclaimed designers. People who want to remember Arizona and all that it has to offer won’t have any problems looking around for things to purchase at Phoenix Sky Harbor International. People can buy newspapers, books, accessories, jewelry pieces, handbags, footwear, dresses, tops, ties, headphones, bottled water, telephone chargers, electronic devices and even toys for young children.

Transportation Via Phoenix Sky Harbor International

Transportation is a cinch for people who travel through Phoenix Sky Harbor International. There are designated parking sections accessible to passengers. People can look into their choices in rental vehicles, shuttles, taxis and more. Public transportation is a consideration for many visitors to the structure, too. Reach out to our property management firm for information about local vacation rentals. Our vacation rentals are tops. Phone our property management team A.S.A.P.