Arizona is one of the largest of all American states. Many travelers find it offers lots of things to do and plenty to see. There’s exquisite outdoor activities, fine dining and some of the world’s most amazing sites such the Grand Canyon and many renowned national parks. One Arizona town that continues to invite travelers from all over the world is Sedona. This part of Arizona has been home to people for many centuries. Today, it is both a place to live year round and an ideal destination for the avid traveler. It’s home to lots of special places to eat and wonderful ways to spend time outdoors near the beautifully colored rocks. People who are planning to spend time in vacation rentals at our property management company will find it easy to get here and even easier to get around. Transportation and getting to this area is helped by many factors. Sedona is located near several communities. It’s also an easy trip from many American cities as well as varied locations abroad such as Mexico, Europe, Asia and South America. Careful advanced planning makes makes transportation and getting to vacation rentals easier than ever for the intrepid traveler.

Regional Flights

There are several airports serving the regional community. Sedona has an airport that makes it easy to get to our property management rentals and begin a vacation relaxed and ready to explore the area. The Sedona airport is ideal for people who are coming in small planes. Private planes land here as it has a single runway. This is a good choice for those who are taking their own transport and avoiding the larger airlines. The airport also has a helipad. That makes it ideal for travelers coming the area for a short trip on business or leisure who wish to get in and out as quickly as possible. There are also several other airports in the area that make it possible for travelers to get here after a short drive. Cottonwood Airport is located here and easy for people to take a short ride to the center of the community.

Air Travel From Major Cities

While smaller airports can help the traveler get here quickly, many travelers opt for larger airports as they have more flights each day and offer more connections with much larger community airports. This community is located a quickly drive from downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. A traveler can opt to fly into the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and then take a car to their intended vacation rental. It has many connections with other airports that make it possible for people to plan travel from their city. The Flagstaff airport has multiple connections with larger airports in the area such as Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Both are a short flight away from the community. It’s a good idea to book seats well in advance as flights can fill up quickly during the popular spring and fall season.

Car Travel From Other Locations

People have been living here for thousands of years. The modern community is located in the center of Arizona. Travelers who are planning to come here should keep in mind the city is well served by many area highways. Taking highway seventeen to Flagstaff and then head into the city directly. The city is north of Phoenix. Plan at least two hours to get there. Allow more time if traveling during rush hour. The traveler can take time off along the way to see places such as Castle National Monument. It’s a scenic journey through some of the loveliest parts of America. Other cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas will take a lot longer so plan accordingly.

Transportation to Regional Sites

Travelers who want to enjoy the area can explore the downtown area on foot. There’s plenty of sidewalks and an easy stroll from one place to the next. Those who want to see the rest of the community are best served by renting a car. Renting a car adds flexibility and makes it easy to get from one part of the community to the next. Ample regional parking also makes it easy to place the car in one place for a few days at low cost.

Seeing the Entire Area

A car is also a must for those who want to spend time in the surrounding areas. Places like Cathedral Rock are very spread out and can take time to get to from many vacation rentals. A car lets people plan their days with ease knowing they can see what they want to see when they are here. Good transportation makes a stay here in this wonderful part of the United States more delightful.