Sedona lies in the south-central region of Arizona surrounded by spectacular red and orange-hued sandstone formations. The unique topography and year-round climate attract millions of visitors who reserve vacation rentals in order to explore the area. The region has many fascinating places to visit. Local property management professionals invite all to explore the area by private vehicle or during available tours.

Montezuma’s Castle and Petroglyphs

The amazing cliffside dwelling was carved out of the red rock by the Sinagua people approximately 1,000 years ago. The structure was created 90 feet above the desert floor. The ancient dwelling rises five stories tall and contains 50 rooms. President Teddy Roosevelt declared the location a historic site in 1906. Make a point of visiting the nearby V-Bar-V Heritage site that features more than 1,300 examples of Sinaguan petroglyph art. Depictions include animal and human figures in addition to various geometric shapes.

The Vortices

The location remains a popular destination for guests desiring spiritual growth and enhanced well-being. The locals believe that the area boasts “four vortexes” that emit calming, healing energy. The amazing landscape influenced some to nickname the area the “Spiritual Disneyland.” The hike provides ideal photographic moments. There are spas in the area that offer a variety of services that include psychic massages.

Crescent Moon Picnic Area

The scenic destination draws many to escape their vacation rentals for the day and enjoy the wonders of nature. Early morning hikes up to Cathedral Rock are popular. Get some relief from the summer heat by taking a dip in Oak Creek. Enjoy a BBQ. Relax in the shade and take in the views. Stick around for the dramatic color changes on the rock formations during sunset.

Verde Valley Wine Trail

Few know that Arizona has a growing wine industry. There are 30 vineyards within close proximity to Sedona. The Fire Mountain winery is one of the popular places to visit. The name comes from the stunning evening display that appears as if the rock formations are on fire. The Alcantara Vineyards are known to attract couples looking for a bit of romance. What better way to end a hike than with a refreshing glass of wine?

Slide Rock State Park

“Fodor’s Travel Guide” rated Slide Rock Park in the top 10 out of the thousands of state parks in the country. The idyllic location features tree-dotted, gently sloping red rocks and sand along with massive boulders. The site welcome guests to enjoy the cool mountain water that forms the flowing Oak Creek stream. The terrain remains so beautiful that the destination often served as the backdrop for motion pictures. However, during the middle of the day, more visitors tend to frequent the site.

The Nighttime Desert Sky

The lack of light pollution combined with the open spaces of the desert create the perfect location for star gazing. On a clear night, thousands of stars twinkle in the black sky including Andromeda. Many prefer taking along a pair of night vision goggles to enhance the view. UFO enthusiasts claim that the area is also a great place to be to catch a glimpse of otherworldly visitors flying past.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The award-winning structure was completed in 1957. The chapel was designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude who was once a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Legend says the architect scanned the immense terrain to find the perfect spot for the chapel that stands south of the city. Church services are not held here. However, there is a sign that wishes “peace to all who enter here.” Guests enjoy trekking to the chapel and take in the panoramic views below.

Sedona Heritage Museum

Guests should make a point of visiting the facility that provides a glimpse into the city’s famous past. Many of the exhibits discuss the films shot here over the years and the noted celebrities who starred in the movies. Robert De Niro was so enthralled with the area that he once had a home constructed here. After visiting the museum, guests commonly enjoy identifying the locations favored by Hollywood when watching the films.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Venture to nearby Camp Verde and embark on a wildlife safari. Imagine traveling across the unspoiled Serengeti to see the antelope, gemsbok, giraffes and zebras. The animals have also been known to greet guests. See the big cats in the Wildlife Preserve area. Take a tour of the Reptile Resort. Daily shows include Tiger Splash where caretakers interact with the large predators. The Creature Feature experience provides visitors with the chance to interact with one of the facility’s many animals.

Start planning an adventure in south-central Arizona. Make a list of all the wonderful locations that you would like to see and the activities that offer a lifetime of memories. Get in touch with one of the city’s property management officials to find the perfect accommodations.