When some people think of spring break, their minds may immediately flash to drunken college students basking on oceanfront beaches by day, partying until the wee hours at bars and hotel parties by night. Indeed, these activities still take place. But for a more relaxed, back-to-nature spring break vacation that can often provide an almost spiritual awakening while offering peace, tranquility, and adventure, many people are discovering all that Sedona, Arizona has to offer.

Located about 29 miles southwest of Flagstaff, Sedona is nestled down among 1.8 million acres of national forest land. Claiming the top spot on USA Weekend’s Most Beautiful Places in America list, this outdoor paradise is a dream location for biking and hiking, or for more a spectacular, blood-pumping view, jeep rides in amongst breathtaking buttes, domes, spires and pinnacles that paint the nearby landscape. When getting into town, art lovers will revel in the 40+ art galleries that line these quaint streets. For the bone-weary guests, after experiencing some of the area’s outdoor adventures, there are dozens of spa facilities to unwind and relax in. And wine lovers have found nearby vineyards and tasting rooms most inviting during their visit here.

This is a hiker’s dream vacation

Hikers and bikers simply can’t wait to take on some (or all) of the trails known as “Sedona’s Secret 7”. So named for the seven almost secretly hidden gorgeous trails that criss-cross the area, each trail is unique in length, level of difficulty, and memorable sights to be seen. What with over 300 miles of trails in the area, enthusiasts may enjoy picking and choosing which routes look best for them.

For guided hikes, a place to pick up some specialized hiking gear, to ‘power up’ with an energizing and healthy snack in the cafe, or to get some often needed and always appreciated advice from staff members, visitors can stop into The Hike House. Located on the way to the trailhead and across the street from Tlaquepaque, The Hike House employees can use their unique Trail Finder computer program to help hikers find the ideal trail based on their timeframe and skill level. Getting epic views from paths high above the treetops, through Cypress-shaded paths, in amongst Junipers and Pinyon Pines, down below to Oak Creek, and everything in between, there are over 100 trails in the region that prove to be some of the most memorable treks that even the most seasoned hikers and bikers will ever get the joy to experience.

Other adventures await visitors on land, by air, and on the water

There is so much to do on top of hiking while here, it may be difficult to get a lot of it in, even for a full spring break of exciting activity planned.

If an absolutely spectacular, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime ride and tour is a high priority, hot air balloon and helicopter tours are available for booking. If you are staying at a property management vacation rentals property in the area, their staff should be happy to point you in just the right direction here. Or if you’re excited about the prospect of taking one of these thrilling rides and perhaps want to see more, or book a flight early, a quick search online will take you right to participating company sites.

If you prefer to take in the magnificent vistas, but from ground level, you can rent an ATV or buggy, and capture the whole experience on an optional, provided helmet cam. Or how about a real “wild west” adventure, tackling different terrain on a professional Wrangler-led horseback tour? And for a really unique tour experience of the town’s back streets toward Red Rock and Wilson Mountain, Segway tours are a really fun way to see things. Training is provided, and riders can choose from a standard tour, an advanced rider tour, or even a private tour. And really “spirited” riders can enjoy the Segway Wine & Beer Tour!

Will you be bringing your golf clubs? The area features gorgeous and majestic courses here, 9- and 18-holes, including the Sedona Golf Resort, annually receiving four-star reviews from Golf Digest. Or put that fly fishing rod to good use here in Oak Creek, one of Arizona’s most scenic trout streams. This stream, which flows downstream through towering, richly-colored buttes and steep cliffs, is supplemented in trout population by being stocked year-round with this popular catch. Big wild Brown trout are also pulled out of these crystal-clear waters.

And while by the water, be sure to go on a rafting or kayak adventure here, either on your own or in a group. Or perhaps partake in an archaeological or wine tasting tour via watercraft. And, inflatable ride fun doesn’t end here. Individuals and families alike love to soak in the sun and take a fun tubing ride at Cottonwood.

Reflect on all there is to do here

Oh, so much to do and so little time! Perhaps reflect on all you can enjoy during your spring break by starting everything off by visiting one of the legendary vortexes here. There are four primary vortexes, each of which radiates its own particular energy. What better, more unique and almost spiritual way to start a most memorable spring break experience? So look into property management vacation rentals here now. Spring will be here sooner than we think!