Chapel of the Holy Cross

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Millions of people visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross every year! Its unique structure and placement among the Red Rocks has made it a famous landmark. As one of the most photographed buildings in Arizona, it's a must see.

History & Chapel Art

Marguerite Brunswig Staude is the local behind this incredible project. With the Empire State Building as inspiration, Staude began to work on her vision. The Chapel was originally planned to be built in Budapest, Hungary. However, due to World War II breaking out, it was postponed. Eventually, they chose to build it in Arizona. Built on Coconino National Forest Land, Staude received help for a special permit from Senator Goldwater at the time. Finally, the Chapel was completed in 1956 after 18 months of labor and $300,000.

Getting to the Chapel

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is located on the Broken Arrow Trail. This trail is a short and relatively easy trail meaning there is not much elevation or barriers that would make this hike dangerous. The hike to the Church is approximately 1.5 miles.

It doesn't tend to be very busy inside the Chapel, but of course this is dependent on the season and time of day. The highest season for travel in Sedona is from March-May and September-mid-December.

Admission into the Chapel is free and you're able to self-tour. Alternatively, there are various tours available if you prefer not to hike or have no plans of going inside the Chapel. For example, the Red Rock Jeep Tours or the Trolley Tour - both of which have options that pass by the Chapel on their route.


Weddings at the Chapel are possible, but there are a few rules. See below for the main points and visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross website for full details. Furthermore, all fee details are available on the website.

  • Anyone who can marry in the Catholic Church is welcome to marry at the Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Weddings can only take place after 5:00PM on Tuesdays-Fridays
  • Outdoor weddings are not permitted.


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