What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday morning or afternoon than by indulging in a delicious meal with your friends and family?

Rocky Point is growing by the day and with new businesses and restaurants popping up all over town. This can make it hard to know where to go, especially if you are in a hurry. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite breakfast/brunch places in Rocky Point; From classic eggs and bacon to crepes and Mexican chilaquiles, these restaurants stand out among the rest!



If you’re looking for a healthier or more creative alternative to breakfast food, Avocato is the place for you! Avocado is a cafeteria that sells coffee, crepes, salads, wraps and amazing fresh juices and smoothies. They have a wide variety of sweet and savory food on the menu so there is something for everyone. Additionally, they have some of the most unique juices and drinks. This is a new concept of restaurant for Rocky Point as they have a similar set-up to Chipotle in the States. So, in here they have a quick-service counter as well as plenty of dine-in seating. The ambiance is modern in every way and awaits you to enjoy their craft cuisine!


Candy Cake

If you’ve been to Rocky Point, chances are you’ve heard of the famous Candy Cake restaurant. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists. While that means you can trust you’ll have great food, it also means that they are usually busy! If you want to eat here for breakfast, make sure you either arrive early or have a flexible schedule to wait a bit for a table. In addition, they have the best pastry selection in town. Considering their name Candy Cake, that’s not too much of a surprise. They have festive donuts, mini cakes, and more. You absolutely must give their pastries a shot. Tip: You’ll probably want to grab a few to go to enjoy later too!


various breakfast foods and beverages on a table | Best Breakfast Puerto Penasco


KaffeeHaus has all your favorites on the menu. From sweet and savory platters, fair prices for their amazing cups of coffee. Additionally, they offer a slew of pastries like croissants and bagels for when you’re looking to start the day on a lighter note. Serving breakfast and lunch, they usually have a packed house because of their amazing food. Their offerings have made them one of the restaurants with the best breakfasts in Rocky Point and landing them a spot on many dining guides for Penasco. 



With hand-crafted menu items made only from the freshest ingredients that are sourced locally, they offer some of the best breakfast food around. You know you’re getting delicious, high-quality, fresh meals when you eat at Giuseppe’s. What’s great is that they support local farms and their food is consistently top-notch. If you want something familiar enough to be comforting but also want something filling, this is the perfect place to go. Their menu items are a hit; crepes, eggs, gelatos, sandwiches, omelets, house specials, and of course coffee! Insider tip: they offer a breakfast buffet on Sundays!



Coffee Point & La Belle

Coffee Point is well known throughout Rocky Point and beyond as one of the best places for coffee in the area! They use high quality beans and espresso machines to bring you an authentic cup of joe. Upstairs is the more hidden, La Belle restaurant which is under the same ownership as Coffee Point. At La Belle, there is plenty on the menu to choose from. The ambiance in both building is modern, cozy, and colorful from top to bottom. We highly recommend a visit here to kick off your morning in the best possible way!


Waffle topped with apples, banana, and chocolate | Rocky Point Best Breakfast Restaurants

Las Olas 

Las Olas offers a huge variety of dishes from American, Mexican,  and Japanese-Mexican cuisine. Boasting large portions, you’ll be leaving this place with a satisfied tummy. They also offer vegan options and desserts. Las Olas was recently renovated and it was totally worth the wait! The restaurant has a spacious feel, a cozy and familiar atmosphere and tasteful decoration. If you’re looking for something sweet, you have to try their waffles (pictured above) – you can thank us later.

Friendly Dolphin

The Friendly Dolphin is one of those places where you’d sit for the ambiance and stay for the food. The boho-inspired interiors provide a free-spirited charm to the place. This restaurant has been serving Rocky Point visitors and locals since 1985 but recently one of the favorites chefs around rocky point  the chef Jerry Cañez bought the restaurant, he decided to leave the original menu, but implemented a special every week created by himself. Located right in the malecon area, the friendly dolphin seems to catch plenty of people off guard with the eclectic style and creative but delicious food. Add this to your must-try list!


Coffee Time, Frappes, Best Coffee in Rocky Point, Coffee Shops in Puerto Penasco, Cafe

Coffee Time

Coffee Time is definitely a local favorite in Rocky Point, especially if you’re looking for a good cafe to work from or chat with friends. Their coffee is brewed fresh everyday and they have a smell menu of snacks and desserts to enjoy alongside your beverage. Aside from their espresso-based offerings, their non-coffee drinks also pack quite a punch. From their London fog to chai, they even have vegan options for those with a restrictive diet. With their selection of delicious comfort food and great customer service, they’ve made the list for places with the best coffee in Puerto Peñasco.