El Malecón (Malecón Fundadores)

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El Camaronero | Fisherman Statue on the Malecon in Rocky Point, MX | Landmarks in Rocky Point
El Camaronero | Fisherman Statue on the Malecon in Rocky Point, MX | Landmarks in Rocky Point


One of the most famous areas of the city is the Malecón, which official name is Malecón Fundadores. This lively area connects the rich history of Puerto Peñasco with today's new culture. Featuring the vast fishing boats that have been coming and going for more than 80 years, a visit here must be on your list.

The Malecon road is 450 meters long (1476. ft), this beachfront boulevard has served as the meeting point for those walking the streets of Peñasco every day and today, it's an ideal place for those who enjoy the sun, music, and drinks. The Malecon honors shrimp fishermen with a monumental statue in the center of everything it has large columns, picturesque and lively paths, and benches to admire the view. In front of the statue, there is a small square named Plaza Luis Donaldo Colosio. The Plaza is adorned with stunning color tiles that create marine pictures among the stairs, and at the top of the stairs you can see a big Penasco sign with bright letters, a must-have picture location for the tourists. 

There are dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops throughout the area that can't be missed. It's a particularly busy area during holidays, especially Semana Santa. When it comes to parking, it's pretty easy to find a spot along the street. That is, when it's not an extremely busy week or weekend. However, this is also a lot towards the entrance of the Malecon that charges just $5 for safe and convenient parking.

Popular Restaurants near the Malecón

Tekila Bar MX

How about a Rocky Point sunset with a margarita in your hand sitting on a terrace in front of the Malecon?, this Tropical-themed bar in the heart of the Malecon has been serving drinks since 2012, and they occasionally offer live music shows; country, rock, and Latin music are the favorite genres to play in this busy bar. They got delicious drinks, appetizers, salads, tacos, seafood, American food, Sonoran food, and even a kid's menu! they serve lunch and dinner with a unique approach to daytime eats and nightlife fun.

Thrifty Ice Cream

Everybody loves a good ice cream cone on a hot summer day at the Malecon, that's why Thrifty has two locations, near the Malecon, one right in front of the fishermen's statue and another one in primero de Junio and Ignacio Zaragoza street right in the corner. if you want to know more details about the flavors and snacks they offer you can take a look at this entry from our blog:

Lucky's Cantina

Enjoy an outdoor meal with the ambiance of the Malecon while watching the sunset underneath the palm trees at this local bar. You can enjoy a breakfast or lunch right in front of the ocean. This old-style Mexican cantina is gonna be the highlight of the locations you can experience if you choose to visit Rocky Point.

Grapes & Barley

One of the newest restaurants in town and already causing a buzz as one of the best, try out Grapes & Barley! It's a little bit outside of the main Malecon area, but that makes it a little easier to access during busier times. They have an incredible bar menu, craft tapas, and a spacious, scenic restaurant. There are two levels of restaurant with a large beer garden patio and even a courtyard area with umbrellas, tables, and cornhole! This modern and lovely restaurant is one of the local and tourist favorites, make sure to add it to your itinerary!

Visit the Malecon and you'll find that from the moment you arrive, you won't want to leave! After being immersed in the vibrant colors, delicious food, and friendly people that make Mexico so special. Be sure to visit this iconic Rocky Point place where you can enjoy traditional music, and local gastronomy, and don't forget to try your hand at bargaining for souvenirs in the marketplaces! Visitors can stroll along the plaza, enjoy the atmosphere and take in the stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. Whether you're looking to relax or explore, the Malecon should be on your list.

Local Tips

  • Parking is found along the street or in parking lots for a $5 fee.


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