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Tucked away upstairs above the ever popular Coffeepoint, you will find charming LaBelle. Breakfast is their forte, but adding on something from the in-house bakery is a must!

LaBelle is a bit of a hideaway. Enter Coffee Point, then find the recessed mirrored door and take the staircase up. Classic white and black decor greets you and a small vase of fresh flowers at the table makes things a little elegant. Morning light streams in from the busy street, and a friendly server suggests that you take any seat you like.

The breakfast options are a nice mix of Mexican and American favorites. You will find original variations on Eggs Benedict and Chilaquiles. The pancakes, waffles, and French toast are great, and don’t forget that LaBelle is also a bakery!

We recommend the ever-so-popular Pan de Elote or Corn Bread. It is baked and served wrapped in a corn husk. In fact, you can watch the bakers work their magic through a glass wall near the cash register. With Coffee Point right downstairs, you can also count on picking up a ‘best-in-town’ Latte, Cappuccino, Matcha, or Chai Tea on the way out.

What to Try at LaBelle:

Frittata Latina

Scrambled eggs and potatoes cooked into an open-faced omelette. On top goes a traditional Mexican Chili-Raja sauce. You often see this as a taco filling or side dish. This is a creamy sauce with fresh corn and strips of roasted poblano chilis. On the side comes flavorful breakfast potatoes and toast or tortilla.

Monte Cristo

An old-school favorite that mixes sweet and savory. This breakfast sandwich brings together ham and Swiss cheese with Strawberry Jam on fluffy white bread. Then, they dip the sandwich in batter just like French Toast, and grill til perfectly toasty and brown. Great texture and mix of flavors. Served with the mild house salsa on the side. Perfect for dipping.

Benedictinos Sonorita

Eggs Benedict with a twist. Two poached eggs go on to homemade English muffins. Then spicy, tangy ground chorizo sausage is crumbled over the top. Lastly, it's set in Hollandaise sauce.

Chilaquiles Mole

Chilaquiles are a staple Mexican breakfast item. Corn tortillas are torn up and mixed in with red enchilada sauce. Here, the red sauce is replaced with a rich brown Mole, then sprinkled with cheese and sesame seeds.


4.5/5 (2)
Cristian Oros
The breakfast here never disappointed me, and the best part is that they have the greatest coffee and desserts!
Nidia Renteria
At LaBelle restaurant the chilaquiles and the latte are delicious. Excellent place to go for breakfast. Moderate prices, and they accept cards and cash.

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