Flying in to Rocky Point Airport: What to Know

Rocky Point Airport (also known as Mar de Cortes Airport) is an international airport located in Puerto Peñasco (known as Rocky Point), Mexico. This is a port town in Northwest Mexico, about 60 miles from the US Border and the airport is used frequently by American tourists seeking to visit “Arizona’s Beach.” That makes it a very short flight for Americans living near the US-Mexican border, only 35 minutes from Phoenix and one hour from Los Angeles! Rocky Point airport most often services private planes, however, commercial flights from Las Vegas and Hermosillo also land at this airport.

Mexican officials said this airport was built to grow, and it will based on need. That’s why the current runway, 1.55 miles of concrete, was built to handle all types of service and aircrafts, including planes as large as a Boeing 757. This airport was built on growth and tourism; the airport itself was privately funded and is now operated by Grupo Vidanta, a company that’s built several resorts, vacation rentals, and residential developments in the area. And increase it has: between 1998 to 2008, tourism exploded, increasing from 1.2 million visitors to over 2.35 million!

Most visitors to Puerto Peñasco (about 80%) are from Arizona. Because there are no commercial flights servicing this airport from Arizona, that means that these visitors are flying in on private planes. It makes sense then, that 62% of the visitors are people between 31-50 years old who have high income levels.

It’s easy to see why these tourists flock to Rocky Point for a vacation rental, given how beautiful it is. Unlike Cancun or other cities with wild nightlife and a party scene, Rocky Point is serene, quiet and provides stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. Plus, sitting right along the coast are world-renowned resorts and residential properties, ensuring that its vacation rentals will be nothing short of amazing. Using sites like you’re able to find fantastic properties for your Mexican vacation that will make you feel like you’re living the life of luxury while taking in the breathtaking views of the Mexican coastline. Plus, its easy to plan your vacation and flights by simply visiting

The luxury you feel at your vacation rental will start with your experience at Rocky Point Airport. While this airport is on the smaller side, it will certainly provide all the amenities that you need, and if you’re taking a private plane, that your pilot will need. It has a beautiful seating area while you wait for your plane, a snack bar, pilot’s quarters (with tv, computers and WIFI), very clean restrooms and signage in both English and Spanish for passengers. The airport is secure, the staff is kind and very helpful, so whether you are flying in commercially or using private services, your needs will be accommodated and you’ll be sure to get to your destination with no surprises.