Candy Cake

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Whether you're stopping by for a quick coffee break or taking time to indulge in a delicious breakfast with dessert, Candy Cake is the perfect spot for locals and tourists!


Candy Cake's story began in November of 2000. As the first coffee shop with an espresso bar, Candy Cake stood out from the rest. Word spread quickly about the amazing culinary delights being made in Candy Cake's Kitchen. Today, this pastry shop has been in town for over two decades now. They offer breakfast, lunch, coffee, and of course, cakes. It's a family business with the most focus being on their pastries and bakery. However, as their popularity began to grow, they had to find new ways to diversify their menu. While providing the best possible options for their customers, without losing focus on quality food and passion for service.

What makes Candy Cake so popular?

One unique thing about the cafe is that it offers such a wide variety of options for coffee, tea, and food. There's everything from pancakes and waffles to egg sandwiches and chilaquiles. The lunch menu also features salads, sandwiches, pasta, and dishes specially created by Candy Cake chefs. This menu of 32 dishes and seasonal specials gives people the opportunity to try something new every visit!

The cafe has a light-hearted, lively vibe to it. They offer various seating options including couches and tables. That way, people can relax and enjoy the environment a while.

The executive chef behind this popular hub is Marilyn Annissa Nunez Hernandez. She graduated from the Universidad del Valle del Mexico, did her internship at the hotel "Grand Velas" in the Riviera Maya. Then, her talent led her across the Atlantic ocean to work in the city of Valencia, Spain. She had the opportunity to work alongside acclaimed Michelin star restaurant "Vertical" by Group La Sucursal. Today, she runs this incredible Cafe right here in Rocky Point.

Some must try items:

Arrachera Sonora

Sonoran-style food is some of the best in the world, and this dish is here to prove it! This plate includes marinated arrachera, California chile stuffed with cheese, guacamole, and beans. This dish is perfect for any occasion, we know you'll love it! So give it a try next time.

Omelet de Chilaquiles

Dare to try this Egg Omelet with crispy corn tortillas and red or green sauce. We highly recommend trying this with both sauces! In addition, it has melted cheese and cilantro cream, white cream, and grilled onions on top. On the side, you'll have house potatoes and beans.

Pancakes & French Toast

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delicious Candy Cake take on pancakes or french toast. Pancakes come with two ingredients that you can choose. Options include various fruits and savory toppings as well. Such as, ham, bacon, and eggs.

Lasagna a la Bolognese

This dish is only available seasonally but it's definitely worth asking about if you're visiting this popular cafeteria. Lasagna bolognese with handmade pasta, vegetables, and panarosa sauce, it's simply delicious!


Best donuts in town! They offer dozens of pastries to choose from including popular glazed donuts, cake to jelly, and frosted to sprinkled. You won't be able to decide, so why not try them all?

Local Tips

  • Arrive early to avoid waiting for a table, this restaurant is always busy for breakfast.
  • Cash only - they don't accept credit card.
  • Bakery & Cafeteria are open from 7:30AM-9PM.
  • Breakfast is available from 8AM-1PM.
  • Lunch is available from 1PM-5PM.


5/5 (26)
Nayelly Zuluaga
An excellent option for breakfast. My favorites include the Omelette Poblano and Chilaquiles. Coffee and fresh donuts are a must! My fave breakfast place to go with girlfriends or hubby.
Daniel Soto
One of my favorite places to have breakfast, they recently added lunch to their menu, the pesto chicken baguette is just a must have!
Ariana Cornejo
Candy Cake is the place to be for pancakes! They have the fluffiest and most delicious pancakes I've ever had. Love the fact that they have candy sprinkles! The service is also great and the staff is super friendly. I highly recommend giving Candy Cake a try for a sweet and satisfying breakfast.
Priscila Luna Gortarez
Candy Cake is an excellent place to have breakfast, it has a wide variety of dishes for all tastes, try some delicious chilaquiles.
Ana Lilia M
The best place to have breakfast, everything is simply delicious, the place is very nice and the desserts are wonderful, my birthday cake will be from here. You have to go here on your next visit to Rocky Point, you won't regret it.
When you visit Candy Cake I recommend you try the chilaquiles omelet, it's delicious and their donuts are the best!
Located in the center of town, this particular restaurant offers a varied menu of breakfast and lunches. If you feel like getting a kick in the mornings getting a cup of coffee here and breakfast will just make your day, their pasta is just really great too.
Gissel R
I love that I can find everything in one place, breakfast, and food, all delicious. And what to say about the donuts, the best always!
Juan Martinez
Candy Cake has the best donuts in town. You can never go wrong with Candy Cake. I always make sure to buy a box of donuts since I know they won’t last at home! They also sell really good cake, if you want to buy a birthday cake they even have candles and decorations.
Juan Rojo
Is there something this place doesn't have? The coffee is amazing, the food is always on time, hot and delicious, especially the green chilaquiles with beans, I love them! and the service is always excellent, the personnel is always smiling and the place is always very clean! I love how the place has its own bakery section. My friends and I always get a donut or a slice of cake after the meal, it's just so delicious! The carrot cupcake it's my favorite!
Marlon Lozano
It's magnificent! It is a place to go for breakfast and eat a delicious dessert.
Elsa Camacho
Very recommended! The chocolate cake and the coffee are really good, and the chilaquiles are always my favorite.
Nidia Renteria
The breakfasts are wonderful in Candy Cake. I really recommend it.
Clarissa ML
If you want to enjoy a good breakfast visit Candy Cake.
Fernando S
Candy Cake desserts are the best!! I love the donuts there!
Fernanda Chavez
Simply delicious, one of the best breakfast/lunch places to go to, they serve one of the most yummy omelet chilaquiles in town and the French toast is to die for. Excellent place for breakfast and morning donuts 🍩
Guadalupe Rosas
It is one of my favorite places in rocky point I recommend the arrachera, the chilaquiles, the coffees, and desserts.
Francisco javier Rodriguez vazquez
Excellent service! I love breakfast and delicious coffee.
Candy Cake is a must-visit spot! I had the most delightful coffee break here, and the breakfast with dessert was truly indulgent. Highly recommend it for both locals and tourists! 5 stars!
Candy Cake is the best! The atmosphere here is so lively and fun. The donuts are also the best I've ever had here in rockypoint! I'm so glad I discovered this spot. Furthermore, we saw someone celebrating their birthday right next to our table, so they served them free dessert with a happy birthday song, honestly that was a very nice gesture from the staff.
Ismael M.
This is my favorite place to buy cakes. Everything they sell is delicious and they have a variety of desserts to choose from, cakes, donuts, coffee, breakfast, etc. The personnel is also very friendly and very fast. I've been a frequent client for many years and I will continue to be a frequent client for many more years.
Suzette Marin
This is always our breakfast stop before heading home from vacation. Always delicious. Always great service. Always worth the stop.
Manuel Fernandez
I have visited this restaurant for the delicious breakfast but they recently added a lunch menu, I have tried the pasta, mini pizza, and tortilla soup and they were all delicious. I will definetly be going back to make sure to try more things on the menu.
Ismael M.
This is one of the best bakeries and cafeterias in town! This is the first place that comes to my mind when I want some cake. The donuts are so good as well! I and my family are, and will, continue to be repeated guests for years!
Adriana Peña
All delicious, and an excellent place, it's a small place but very cozy. I love going with my friends.
Ana Karen Villa
My family and I love going to Candy Cake for breakfast and at the end of breakfast enjoy their delicious cakes and coffee, it is a very busy place so if you go on a Sunday I recommend you arrive early. They also have courtesy cakes for birthday boys and you can have small gatherings to celebrate.

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