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Coffee Point was the first place in Rocky Point where you could get Lattes, Cappuccinos, and all things ‘barista’. Many think it is still the best. It offers a cozy coffee shop vibe with comfy chairs, in-house bakery, outdoor patio, and a great breakfast restaurant upstairs called LaBelle.

Among the Rocky Point Mexico morning spots, Coffee Point stands out by offering its own brand of real house-roasted beans all the way from Veracruz. With three locations, this is a prime spot for getting an authentic Java fix when you travel to Rocky Point.

The main location is on the towns main road, Benito Juarez. Coffee Point offers a comfy place to sit in a big, overstuffed chair while watching the world go by outside the window. 

Must Try Menu Items

Bakery items

A glass case full of exquisite looking deserts greets you as you enter Coffee Point. You can order a full cake, but the ones in the case are individuals. Just right to share over a Latte. Choices include Carrot cake, a banana pie topped with whipped cream, individual sweet corn breads, black velvet cake and many others.


Along with the expected coffee drinks pulled from the espresso machine like Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Macchiatos. Coffee Point prides itself on presenting more singular types of coffee like slow brew cold coffee, pour-over filtered coffee, as well as Chai and matcha teas.

Torta Espaniola

Upstairs is Labelle Restaurant. This popular little spot serves up breakfast items until 1pm. One especially good menu item is the Torta Espaniola. This open faced omelette has thin sliced potatoes in the eggs, and is toped with a a creamy chili rajas, or strips of poblano chilis with corn.

Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo is a unique breakfast sandwich. Inside, ham and scrambled eggs are combined with cheese, and some strawberry preserves. Then, they dip the sandwich in batter and cook it on the grill, like French Toast. 

Coffee Point Whole Bean Coffee

Good news! You can enjoy a cup of their specialty coffee right from the comfort and privacy of your beachfront rental. Along with everything else, Coffee Point roasts its own coffee. Their coffee brand is called Tridente, and you can buy it buy the bag as whole beans, or they will grind it to your liking. The variety of coffee varies, but is always a single variety from higher altitude in Veracruz or Chiapas. Both of which are known to produce the best of Mexicos typically mild and slightly acidic coffees that present best as medium roast.

Local Tips

  • Staff is very friendly and there is always someone who speaks English.


5/5 (17)
Nayelly Zuluaga
My favorite! Hot or cold Chai Cappucino ever dissapoints! Great place to relax, drink coffee, and just chill. Love that Labelle is just upstairs.
Ariana Cornejo
Coffee Point is the perfect spot for a tasty cappuccino and a cozy atmosphere! The cappuccinos are expertly made, with rich and creamy foam and delicious coffee flavor. The café is decorated with a comfortable and simple style and it's perfect for a quick break or for a long chat with friends. The staff is friendly and always happy to make a recommendation. As a coffee lover, I highly recommend Coffee Point!
Ana Lilia M
Excellent place to spend a pleasant time and enjoy a delicious coffee. It is one of the best coffee shops in Rocky Point, also offers delicious desserts. I often go there to relax for a while after work. I invite you to try the cappuccino, it is delicious.
Priscila Luna Gortarez
I love visiting Coffee Point, the mini cakes they sell are an excellent company for my chai latte, it is a comfortable and pleasant place to visit alone or with friends.
Cristian Oros
The coffee tasted like magic, no other coffee shop gives you an experience like that, whether you drink a coffee, eat a brownie, or buy one of the things they have like the bracelets, it's always a good experience!
When you see this place, the best thing you can have is a caramel coffee and a ham and cheese bagel.
Elsa Camacho
The cheesecake and coffee from here is my favorite thing in Rocky Point, really good and definitely recommended!
Not only do they have good coffee, but also the place is very quiet and comfortable. My friends and I spend many hours in this place talking about everything.
Nidia Renteria
I go to Coffee Point sometimes in the afternoons with my mother and we really loved it, is a very quiet place.
Delicious desserts accompanied by my favorite coffee Cappuccino, the place is always very clean and cozy.
William Pierce
Coffee Point is a charming coffee shop that offers a fantastic selection of coffee and tea, as well as a variety of delicious desserts. The desserts are fresh and decadent, with a range of flavors and styles to choose from, I LOVE THE BROWNIES. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with cozy and comfortable modern decor, sometimes I go just to sit down and work there. Whether you're in the mood for a hot cup of coffee or a sweet treat, Coffee Point is the place to go!
Fernanda Chavez
For all the Coffee lovers, this is one the best coffee spots in town, they offer a variety of options and also offers fresh daily pastries you can enjoy. Would definitely recommend has a very lovely and cozy vibe.
Guadalupe Rosas
My favorite place to share with my friends. Delicious coffee and desserts, very relaxing.
Issac Sanchez Lopez
Coffee Point is my favorite coffee spot in town, not just for the place, the coffee is actually very good, and it's processed here in town, they also had the Labelle restaurant which is only for breakfast, and the chipotle chilaquiles are my most favorite of the menu, everyone should try them!!
Manuel Fernandez
I need to start my day with coffee, and this is the perfect place. My order is a latte with 1 extra shot, this is enough to keep my energized all day. The taste is on the best in Rocky Point.
Ismael M.
I'm am not too much of a coffee person and yet this is THE place for me when I'm in the mood of coffee. My favorite is the Oreo Frappe. The staff is very nice and kind as well.
Ana Karen Villa
I have a Coffee Point near the office so I used to go there very often to enjoy an afternoon of coffee in the company of friends, they have a quiet and pleasant place to spend the afternoon or study, they have internet.

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