Avocato Burrito Republic (Cocina Creativa)

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Avocato Burrito Republic is a new, modern restaurant that offers creative and healthy menu options. This place has got it all with incredible food, service, and price point. In addition, it's one of the few Rocky Point Restaurants where a vegan can find tasty and numerous options. 

If you're visiting from the U.S., you can think of Avocato as a restaurant with a Chipotle/Qdoba style aspect. On one side, there is plenty of seating for sit-down service. Alternatively, the other side of the restaurant offers quick-service BYO meals to go. You can build your on bowl/burrito/salad using a great variety of ingredients. It's a quick and convenient choice for those in a time pinch.

Where Is Avocato Burrito Republic Located?

You can find Avocato near the center of town, at the intersection where Benito Juarez and Blvd. Constitution meet. There is just a small parking area in front and along the side of the restaurant.

Outside, there is a quaint patio with a couple tables for seating. Inside, you'll find plenty of seating. The restaurant is quite spacious. You will usually find a mix of locals and office workers taking their lunch break at Avocato. While it's not in the tourist zone, Avocato is definitely worth the visit! 

What's on the menu at Avocato:


Breakfast offerings are plentiful! You will find omelettes, waffles, crepes, and more. Whether you're craving sweet or savory, they've got a great variety of choices on the menu.

Burritos, Bowls, & Salads

The salad bar style ingredients can be built as a bowl or a burrito. All their ingredients are kept simple, with health and flavor in mind. Topping choices offer veggies like broccoli, grilled onions, corn, bell peppers and more. Additionally, there are choices for rice, beans, and tofu. Finish it all with a homemade Avocato dressing plus your choice of protein and you're good to go!


Avocato makes their own pasta. Farfalle, Tagliatelli, or Linguine to be specific! They even make the sauces in house as well. Choose your pasta, then one of three flavorful sauces. There is Chipotle cream, pureed tomato, or a garlic-y cream sauce with mushrooms. Top with your choice of chicken or beef.

Craft Beverages

Eclectic drinks are a nice touch, like iced Hibiscus tea mixed with crushed Strawberries, or horchata with iced coffee. For example, iced tea is mixed with peach and ginger in the Tefresh. Another equally tasty combination is the Mentada, mixing fresh mint tea with and pineapple juice. The Cocochata Mazapan mimics the sweet flavor of the favorite Mexican peanut candy Mazapan, bringing together coconut milk, creamy horchata, and powdered peanuts. Even plain old lemonade is made livelier with a dollop of strawberry preserves mixed in.


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Summit M.
One of my favorite places for breakfast in Rocky Point. I love their smoothies and unique agua fresca type drinks. The chilaquiles were delicious. I also got a burrito to go a different day and that was really good too, reminded me of Chipotle here in US.

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