Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, offers a plethora of lodging options from which to choose, including vacation rentals from Casago. Visitors from all over the world are coming to Mexico to get a taste of Rocky Point’s succulent seafood, boisterous nightlife and tranquil beach vistas.

Wondering how you should spend your days in Puerto Penasco? Casago travel bookers have compiled this list of top-rated local places to help you plan your trip. Once you see these unforgettable parts of Rocky Point, you’ll know what makes Rocky Point, Mexico such a special and unique vacation destination.

Here are some of Casago’s recommendations for the best places to visit in Rocky Point:

Rocky Point Beaches

White sand and crystal-clear water await visitors to Puerto Peñasco beaches. Here are a few of the gorgeous Rocky Point beach options:

Playa Encanto

The name Playa Encanto says it all when it comes to what kind of experience you will have here. “Playa” translated into English means “beach,” and “encanto” means “charm.” This is not the place for rowdy college spring breakers; Playa Encanto offers a low-key, relaxing environment. The amazing sandy beaches are free from droves of tourists and the water is perfect for any and all beach activities, including swimming, snorkeling, or even parasailing.

Pelican Beach

Pelican Beach sets itself apart from the rest of the beaches as one of the top locations in the Rocky Point area for watching wildlife. When visiting Pelican Beach, don’t forget to bring binoculars and your camera! Named for the numerous brown pelicans that populate the area, it is also a great place to dig for fresh clams and crabs. Pods of graceful dolphins are sighted cruising through the pristine water. Pelican Beach is focused on maintaining the beautiful natural habitat as much as possible, so visitors are encouraged to leave it as you found it.

Mirador Beach

Mirador Beach is one of the premier beaches in Rocky Point not only because of its gorgeous mix of rocky and sandy shores, but also because it is surrounded by all of the town’s attractions.

The area’s beaches are famous for their cool breezes and warm waters, and this holds true for Mirador Beach as well. The sandy shores are terrific for sunbathing, while the rocky areas turn into tide pools that are ripe for exploration. Perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling await you in the waters off the shore. Allow ample time to explore the nearby El Malecon and watch the sun set over another day in paradise.

Rocky Point Restaurants

If there is one tough decision you will have to make during your stay in Rocky Point, it will be where to eat. Thanks to the city’s rapid growth and popularity, the number of restaurants is increasing continually.

Being a coastal locale, Rocky Point’s cuisine emphasizes seafood, with shrimp being the star ingredient. A local specialty is “Costa Brava Shrimp,” filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon and bathed in an apple, honey, and wine sauce. Another is the “Caguamata,” or manta ray fillets sautéed with celery, green beans, and carrots in a chili sauce, then gently fried and flavored with spices.

You can also find restaurants serving international dishes, juicy steaks and even fast-food options. Here are just a few mouthwatering favorites.

The Friendly Dolphin

A Rocky Point classic, this restaurant recently re-opened after a few years’ hiatus. Rising two stories above a hill in the Old Port, the Friendly Dolphin (also known as El Delfin Amigable), is known for its convivial atmosphere, memorabilia-covered walls, and creative seafood dishes. “Shrimp or Fish Lafarge” is a favorite, a white fish fillet in a creamy cheese and pureed Poblano chili sauce.

Along with the fresh seafood options, the Friendly Dolphin also offers delicious margaritas to pair with your food. Courteous, attentive staff serve up great food, drinks, and smiles at this Rocky Point seafood emporium.

Sr. Amigo Restaurant & Bar

A recent Trip Advisor review called Sr. Amigo Restaurant & Bar “a gem.” The waterfront establishment is known for its fresh shrimp and fish, which dominate the menu.

A pleasant surprise is the Fish Soup, a tomato-based broth with large chunks of grouper (“easily
 the best seafood soup we’ve ever had along the Mexican coasts,” raved one TA reviewer). There are other options, which include shrimp and combinations of seafood in that same flavorful broth.

Add friendly staff and terrific prices to the mix, and this spot is a special treat on your travel itinerary.

La Curva Restaurant & Sports Bar

La Curva is one of the first, original restaurants in Rocky Point. The eatery serves up Mexican dishes, seafood, and delectable snacks accompanied by fantastic sauces.

You will most likely encounter a live Mariachi band creating an authentic atmosphere as they stroll among the tables. Laid-back and quaint, this is a great choice for a family lunch. Their house specialty is a deep-fried Chimichanga, by far the most ordered item on the menu. The cozy atmosphere has a friendly vibe and your taste buds will rejoice from their delectable delights.

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Rocky Point Nightlife

From tequila bars, to live music, to late-night dance parties, nobody gets left out when it comes to partying in Puerto Peñasco. Here are some Rocky Point nightlife highlights:

El Malecon

In Mexico, every beach city has a “Malecon” — a gathering place to watch the sunsets, see concerts, or shop and dine. Rocky Point is no exception; you can even buy fresh fish from vendors here. A two-story strip of lively establishments, El Malecon is THE place for Cinco de Mayo and many other festivals.

There is nothing more memorable than watching the sun set behind the music and dancing stage. Enjoy a traditional Thrifty Ice Cream cone while you do so, and you’ll cherish the special memory for years to come.

The Boo Bar

The Boo Bar is one of the stand-out nightspots at El Malecon. Climb the dark staircase and the first thing that you notice are swings. Forget bar stools – swing instead! The walls are covered in bamboo, and windows on one side overlook the Sea of Cortez. The Boo Boys Band plays on weekends, regularly joined by members of the crowd. There’s even a stripper pole for those who are so inclined.

The menu is a mix of burgers, shrimp, pizzas, and more, and when there is a big game or event, the place fills up quickly. If you are looking for more of a cantina feel, The Boo Bar is the perfect place to visit, with its live music, food variety, and craft cocktails.

Tekila Bar

A relatively new place to go for a drink, watch the game, or hear live music is Tekila Bar. Situated smack dab in the middle of El Malecon, it has a beachy, rustic look with Palapas and bamboo wall coverings.

Two stories tall, this bar also faces out across the street to the Sea of Cortez and offers the nightly spectacle of a Rocky Point sunset. There are several TVs for game watching and a staff that seems like they just want to have as much fun as you do. And true to its name, Tekila Bar serves up plenty of tequila.

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