Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is a popular beach destination nestled into the northern part of Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. Its close proximity to the U.S., at just an hour’s drive from the Arizona border, enhances Rocky Point’s attraction as a great place for the whole family.  This beautiful seaside retreat offers fantastic beaches, delicious food, thrilling activities by land, sea, and air, plus fishing, snorkeling, eco adventures, and more.

If traveling to Rocky Point from the U.S. , the primary border crossing is in Lukeville, AZ into neighboring Sonoyta (hours 6 a.m. – 8 p.m., with occasional later extensions over major U.S. holidays).  Here are a few important things to keep in mind.


What Papers Do I Need To Get To Rocky Point, Mexico?


All adults, 16 and older, need passports to cross the border. A birth certificate will work for kids under 16. Don’t put off getting your paperwork and identification together. Make sure your ID documents, as well as car registration, are within easy reach when you arrive at the border crossing into Mexico.

If you’re bringing your pets, you need to bring proof of their rabies vaccinations. You may only have 2 pets per vehicle.


Can I Drive My Own Car To Mexico?


You are required to have car insurance for travel in Mexico. Mexican car insurance can be easily obtained online prior to your trip or at several locations in towns as you approach the border. Liability coverage is mandatory, and it is best to get full coverage.

Rocky Point is within what is known as a “Free Zone”, meaning an additional permit is not required for your vehicle within the State of Sonora. However, if you plan to travel outside Sonora, you will need to get a permit , which for cars, RVs, and boats typically costs approximately $55 US.


Green Angels – Los Ángeles Verdes


The highway to Rocky Point from the Lukeville border crossing is part of a joint Arizona-Sonora Safety Corridor. You may spot the white and green safety vehicles of Ángeles Verdes, or the “Green Angels”, overseeing traffic along the way. If you have problems with your car, simply pull off to the side and raise the hood. The Ángeles Verdes  will offer mechanical assistance free of charge. The only thing you have to pay for is parts or gas. It is worth noting the number for emergencies in general is 911, as in the U.S.


Are There Shuttles That Go To Rocky Point?


If not planning to drive your own vehicle to Rocky Point, or perhaps if flying into Phoenix, there are various shuttle services that can bring you to the beach.  Some of these alternative transportation options include:

  • Head Out to Rocky Point – door to door, airport pick-up in Phoenix
  • Transportes Express – Departure from office location in Phoenix

Can you fly to Rocky Point?


The Mar de Cortés International Airport  is well equipped to welcome private planes and charters. Though there have been commercial flights in and out of Rocky Point in the past, this is not currently an option. Stay tuned for the launch of future commercial flight possibilities.  There are rental car options available at the airport, as well as shuttle services to your final destination in town.


Your Rocky Point getaway awaits! So pack your bags, grab your papers and have fun!