Blue Palm Cafe (Encantame Towers)

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Located inside the Encantame Towers, Blue Palm Cafe proudly serves Starbucks coffee and breakfast. If you're staying at the Towers, this is the most convenient place to grab your morning or afternoon pick-me-up before hanging out at the beach, or gearing up for something a little more adventurous! This brand new, modern boho-style cafe is both inviting and cozy, with a team that serves up service with a smile! Additionally, it offers a great workspace if you need to get some work or calls done before enjoying the rest of your day at the beach or pool steps away. There are about a dozen round tables across the lobby with woven jute chairs, so chances are you can get a great spot while you sip on your coffee and enjoy a light breakfast.

Getting There

Getting to the Encantame Towers may seem confusing at first, but it's quite simple. They are located about 15-20 minutes outside of town on the pristine Playa Encanto and there are two different ways you can get there. For detailed information and a map, visit the Encantame Towers information page here.

Coffee & Beverages

Your favorite espresso, lattes, and frappes await! Though they serve Starbucks beverages, keep in mind that they do have a limited menu. So, more unique flavors such as matcha or chai are not offered. They do have strawberry and caramel frappes, caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas, and more classics to offer. Aside from cafe beverages, they also have some bottled selections in their fridges which include water bottles, juice, milk, and more.


Though this cafe serves Starbucks beverages, they don't have a bakery like typical Starbucks cafes do. Instead, they offer delicious breakfast options such as parfaits, acai bowls, oatmeal, sandwiches, and other fuel for long days of shopping or exploring! In addition, they have some to-go snacks such as chips, which are a perfect snack to bring on your next outing to hold you over until dinner.

Other Items

Since this is located within a resort, they also offer some convenient last-minute toiletries in case you forgot to pack them for your trip! Some products include toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunscreen, and more. There is a wider selection of toiletries and everyday household items at Sam's Club.

Local Tips

  • Located inside the Encantame Towers.


5/5 (5)
Juan Martinez
Blue Palm Cafe at Encantame Towers has my favorite coffee in town. Every time I go I always order a different one. The last one I tried was a coffee Frappuccino. I love the taste of coffee!
Juan Rojo
What a cozy and clean place to have a cafe with my family, I love coming here every time I want to relax. The service is always so polite and friendly. The coffee always excellent!
A good coffee with a relaxing view of the sea, in a quiet place, with friends and good music. That is life.
I absolutely love this cafe! The coffee choices are great, with all the Starbucks classics, plus they have some unique bottled beverages too (something that I personally was not expecting). It's conveniently located inside Encantame Towers, so it's a great spot for a morning cafe! 10/10
Suzette Marin
I would probably say that this coffee shop is a must for coffee lovers! The service was good, and the variety of coffee served in the ambiance was very satisfying. If you like your coffee shops, then this is a must-visit! We will be back again!

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