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Puerto Peñasco offers a lot of places where tourists can shop. Back in the 80’s (and even today) everyone would go to Rodeo Drive for shopping - also known as Shacks Fifth Avenue.

History of Rodeo Drive

In those days, it was a dirt road going through an area that had shops on both sides of the street. It was not unusual on a Thanksgiving weekend to find that parking was impossible. A lot of cars got stuck, but there were always locals and Americans to help push them out. Many of the stores are still there and run by the same people.

Today, the shops still carry the same type of merchandise and are owned by the same families.  Here you could find a lot of Talaveri pottery, glassware, leather goods, lots of silver jewelry and apparel.


Several years ago the city decided to modernize the mall by paving the street, adding sidewalks and street lights. Although lovely and necessary additions, it took away from the charm of the mall. However, the quality of the shops are still first class.

What can you buy at Rodeo Drive?

One of the silver jewelry vendors known as Juan Carlos, still sells high quality silver jewelry at his shop where you first enter the shopping area. He also sells on the beach and in front of Playa Bonita. His whole family works as vendors selling a lot of hand-painted folding tables along with beautiful embroidered table cloths.

The store in the center of the corner shops sells pottery and glassware. You can buy sets of barware for a fraction of the cost you would find in the United States. He has a huge selection of wine glasses, kitchenware and many other types of barware to choose from. Further down the street you will find Su Casa located between two tall palm trees. They feature upscale products from all over Mexico and will soon be adding furniture to their offering.

Thinking of adding some sea shell decorations to your home or condo? Stop by Gloria’s. She makes beautiful Christmas tree shaped decoration all out of shells and they come in different sizes and colors. These are just a few of the items she has to offer. If you are into Mermaids, she has a large selection of Mermaid shell wall hangings.

Mexico artisans produce some of the most beautiful hand-embroidered tables clothes and ladies tops and dresses and you will find a large selection in these shops. Look for paintings from local artists, you will not be disappointed. Talaveri dishes and pottery is made near Dolores Hildago in the state of Guanajuato and many of the stores in the mall carry a large selection for your kitchen.  The Talaveri is all hand painted and signed by the artist and now days is lead free.

Mariachi and Tequila on Rodeo Drive

Now you can shop all day as well as enjoy some great food at Mariachi and Tequila.  If you love Margaritas, make sure you stop in and get a couple. They make them from scratch and they're some of the best you'll ever have! They feature authentic Mexican food like you would find in the South of Mexico with lots of flavor and outstanding presentations. Their hand carved leather chairs are also made in the mall just a few doors from the restaurant.

Now is the time to shop Rodeo Drive, so go enjoy it!


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