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When we think of vacations, the first things that come to mind are usually the activities like swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, and fun-filled activities. All of which are a vital part of the vacation experience. But for many of us, shopping is high on the list too! Whether it be for groceries, toiletries, or toys for water activities! Sam's Club is an amazing grocery store, with locations across Mexico and America.

What you can purchase:

They offer most of the products that you are used to plus international and special items depending on the season. This particular location has a meat department, clothing department, electronics, bakery, and even a cafe outside the front doors. Some of the more unique items you'll find here, but you won't find at your local store in the U.S. include items like canned pulpo (octopus), gelatin cakes, unique desserts, and more! It's quite fun to walk around the store and see the different kind of inventory they carry.

At the cafe outside, they offer affordable meals and snacks. They actually have more on their menu than a typical Sam's Club in the U.S. would. Choose from hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, handhelds, salads, pastries, and a variety of beverages. They even have an Icee machine for kids to enjoy a refreshing frozen treat on hot days.

Is Sam's Club in Mexico?

Sam's Club actually has a pretty large presence in Mexico, with 116 Sam's Club locations throughout the country. In fact, Peñasco Sam's Club opened its doors on June 21, 2001. The store is located right on Benito Juarez boulevard, in Colonia Brisas del Golfo, one of the main streets in the city. 

Membership and Fees

There are a few different types of memberships you can choose from. The Plus membership being the highest level and the classic being the most simple. This is a great investment to make if you make multiple trips to Rocky Point as they have the best prices in town for bulk purchases. View pricing and information below.

Classic Membership (Membresia Clasica)

  • Classic Membership: $500 MXN (~ $25.00USD)
  • Additional Membership: $250 MXN (~ $12.50 USD)

Benefits Membership (Membresia Benefits)

With this membership, you can get special discounts on hotels, Cinepolis, Hertz, premium quality products like their brand Member's Mark. In addition, you will receive exclusive new products, seasonal coupon codes, banking promotions like Interest-Free Months, shop online and you'll receive your orders in 24 hours with Sam's Home Delivery.

  • Classic Membership: $650 MXN (~ $32.50 USD)
  • Additional Membership: $325 MXN (~ $16.00 USD)

Plus Membership (Membresia Plus)

This membership gives you a 2% Reward when you make your purchases, which you can use to renew your Membership. Or if you prefer, use it to buy products from your favorite brands.
It also includes all the benefits of the Benefits membership.

  • Classic Membership: $1,100 MXN (~ $55.00 USD)
  • Additional Membership: $550 MXN (~ $27.50 USD)

Will your U.S. membership work here?

If you already have a membership from the states, you can use it here in Mexico. But, you do need to download the app in the link below to access your digital membership, this is because the U.S. memberships have a different barcode than the ones in Mexico.

What’s Included

  • Exclusive discounts on bulk purchases at the department store.
  • Depending on your membership you may have additional perks.

Local Tips

  • U.S. memberships will work at Mexico locations, but you must download the app to access your digital membership.


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