La Jolla Beach (Playa La Jolla)

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Ready to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? If you're looking for a more relaxing beach experience, Playa La Jolla is a hidden beach gem that offers a more secluded beach experience, located just outside of town. With plenty of space to spread out and relax, this sandy paradise the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the waves. Even on holidays, you will find you can have this beautiful beach nearly all to yourself!

Getting There

The turn-off to get to the beach is about 16 miles from town and spans nearly 10 miles of the most pristine beaches in all of Puerto Peñasco area. Playa La Jolla Beach spans from the mouth of the Morua Estuary past Playa Encanto. Additionally, Playa La Jolla expands to the mouth of the 2nd Estuary known as La Pinta Estuary. The name "estuary" is derived from the Latin word aestuarium, which means "tidal entrance of the sea." Estuaries are known as "esteros" in Mexico.

About the Beach

Be prepared to be in awe at the great shelling along the shore! The beach is flat and has nice, hard-packed sand which is great for walking on. When the tide comes in, grab a kayak and paddle around the water where you'll see some of the most gorgeous scenery and biodiverse wildlife. With its majestic coastline and the nicest weather, La Jolla offers a variety of recreational opportunities with nearby dining. Swimming, Jet Skiing and sunbathing are just a few of the things you can enjoy here. If you rent an ATV, you can even conveniently park it on the beach. This is a great place to enjoy the beach with your family - have a picnic, build sandcastles, paddle-board, and more!

Despite the large number of properties nearby, there is little light pollution which makes it perfect for stargazing. This is an excellent location for unwinding and admiring Mexico's natural beauty. During whale season, residents have been able to spot them from their patios!

We want you to experience all that our beach has to offer! So, when booking your Casago stay in Rocky Point, be sure to search homes in this area for direct access to the beach. Next door, you will also be able to spot the Encantame Towers and Playa Encanto.

Local Tips

  • Located about 15-20 minutes outside town.


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