Welcome to Encantame Towers! Our brand-new resort is a work in progress and we are excited to share our progress with you. Our main tower Velero is now complete and ready for you to enjoy. We also have two additional Towers under construction, Verano and Viento, which will be completed throughout 2023.
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Encantame Towers at Playa Encanto

Welcome to Encantame Towers! Our brand-new resort is a work in progress and we are excited to share our progress with you. Our main tower Velero is now complete and ready for you to enjoy. We also have two additional Towers under construction, Verano and Viento, which will be completed throughout 2023.


One of the best stretches of oceanfront near Rocky Point is Playa Encanto. A few minute’s drive east of town takes you to dunes overlooking a long, rock-free stretch of coastline. You can find more remote beaches as you travel further, but Playa Encanto offers a near perfect combination of accessibility and a ‘private beach’ feel.

New at Playa Encanto is Encantame Towers. Breathtaking views can be seen at Encantame’s 3 towers, each reaching 24 stories. This makes them the tallest buildings in Sonora State.

Encantame Towers offers uniquely beautiful interiors, full oceanfront views to all units, and a wide range of amenities. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condos are available. Full amenities will be in place at the finish of the third Tower, but most are available along with the first Tower, named Velero. Currently, guests can enjoy the large workout room above the main lobby. Also off of the main lobby is Blue Palm Cafe, a coffee bar serving real Starbucks coffee.

Large negative edge pools define the line between the Resort and Playa Encanto beach. There are group jacuzzis, as well as shallow areas for children to enjoy. At the center of the pool area is the fun swim-up bar. Santo Coyotes Restaurant offers up creative specialties from their main location in Guadalajara.


Encantame Towers Condos

The Encantame Tower condos bring a level of luxury that Rocky Point has never seen until now. These spacious homes offer high-end finishes, floor-to-ceiling windows/sliding doors, and top of the line appliances. The floor plans include 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom deluxe, and 3 bedroom options. Each condo offers stunning ocean views of Playa Encanto! Luxury finishes and appliances include smeg appliances, marble baths, two pane windows/doors, and more. When planning the layouts, they thought of everything. In each layout, aside from the three bedroom, you’ll be greeted with sprawling ocean views upon entry! The three bedroom layout has a hallway with a laundry room at the entrance, so you will see the beautiful open views as you turn the corner.

How to Get to the Encantame Towers

There are two different routes to get to the Towers. 

  1. At the overpass coming into town on Highway 8 from the U.S., rather than going straight ahead going towards the Main Blvd. and Benito Juarez, you will take a left. The left will take you down the quiet, Caborca Highway. Follow the highway down to the railroad track, around 8 miles in and take a sharp right turn. From there, you are just a couple minutes away from the security gate at the Encantame Towers which you will easily spot in light or dark due to its winged shape and lights.
  2. The second way to get to the towers is going from town or the Casago office. Now, if you go into town, there are flags along the street poles that will guide you to the towers. But, if it’s your first time in town, you may still be uncertain. So, here’s what you do. Follow the flags that take you to the intersection of Benito Juarez and Blvd. Fremont/Caborca Highway. When you come to “Shrimp Park or Plaza del Camaron” on your left, turn left at the light onto Freemont Blvd. From here it is round 12 miles to Encantame Towers. Follow the road through town to where it exits the city to the east. On your right look for the sign for Playa Encanto. Turn right and follow directional signs to Encantame Towers. You’ll know you’re on the right path because a few miles in, you can actually spot the towers in the distance on the far right. You will take this route for about 8 miles until you reach the security gate of the towers.

Either route you take will lead you to the security gate. Once you pass through there, it’s a 5 mile drive on a smooth, newly paved road to the Towers.

Things To Do Nearby

Playa Encanto retains the wonder of a visit to the beach in Mexico that has sometimes been overshadowed by too many visitors. This beautiful and pristine stretch of nature regularly sees nesting sea turtles, dolphins, and a full array of wildlife. This peaceful plot of beach area is more private than the beaches you have likely visited in Rocky Point. During busy tourist times such as Semana Santa, it’s nice to have more beach to yourself in this more remote area. In addition, this beach is one of the few areas that allow horseback riding right along the shore!

Local activities can be arranged via concierge. The town has never had such a wide variety of quality restaurants and bistros. From fine steak houses such as Moo and Garufa Steak House, to fun and casual Margarita Mermaids and Colin’s Cantina. Finding new favorites is just as easy as enjoying your classics. A fun night out may include stops at Banditos, Boo Bar, or popular Manny’s Beach Club. On site, the Santo Coyote Ocean Cantina is a spectacular restaurant you’re sure to enjoy – especially with ocean views from every seat.

Especially along the Sandy Beach area, you will find off road vehicle rentals, ready for a trip into the dunes. The beach has all that you would expect. Playa Encanto is a bit more laid back, but jet ski and banana boat rides are available. Sunset cruises leave from the main marina, with dolphins often following along. During whale season, the whales are a spectacular sight.

For a trip into the wild, visit the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. Just outside of Rocky Point, the Reserve presents the other worldly desert filled with dunes, cactus, lava flows, and extinct volcanos. Some other popular activities nearby include golfing at the Jack Nicklaus Vidante Course, trying Ultralight Flights, and shopping.


The Encantame Towers vs. The Encantame Resort

It’s important to understand that the Encantame Towers are just the first installment of long-term plans for the entire Encantame Resort. The proposed Encantame Resort will span the entirety of the lot from the main gate and paved road to the beach. That’s a lot of ground to cover, so naturally, it will take years to fully complete.

What’s to come? The Encantame Towers are just 1 out of 3 accommodations that will be built at Playa Encanto. So we can expect in the next few years that more luxurious homes will be available. The property will also, eventually, have lots for sale for homes to be built. Some of the additional luxury features and amenities that will be available down the line include an on-site bowling alley, driving range, convenience store, gas station, and more!