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Sunriver mall, which is known as The Village at Sunriver, is a type of open air mall. It is a great place to visit when you are in the Sunriver, Oregon area. You probably will end up here because it is home to restaurants of all types. When we visited Sunriver, we often are here a few times during our trip because it offered everything we needed – places to get coffee, lunch, dinner, and lots of snacks. It feels like there’s always something new to see here, too.

One of the best things about The Village at Sunriver is that it is mostly made up of locally owned businesses rather than chains, like you see in many resorts throughout the country. It’s been an establishment in the region since 1974 and continues to thrive. It is well cared for and maintained. We just love coming here!

If you visit during the holidays, there are plenty of things to do as well. There are light events for Christmas, and there are even Halloween activities. We love the music during the summer and all of the outdoor patios during the summer.

It’s also nice just to visit the area, walk around, and spend some time enjoying family and friends. Grab something quiet and relax.

How To Get To The Village at Sunriver & Parking

It’s pretty easy to get to The Village at Sunriver. It’s located in the heart of Sunriver, just off Beaver Drive and Abbott Road. You can get here easily right off State Route 97. Overall, it’s pretty easy to navigate, with various areas of parking throughout it. Though this area can get pretty busy, there tends to be ample parking at the location and right behind it.

Restaurants at Village at Sunriver

If you are in Sunrise for hiking or skiing, you probably will end up at The Village at Sunriver for meals. There are lots of restaurants and coffee houses throughout this area, but this mall like area really is a prominent choice because it is home to a number of different locations.

Here are a few of my recommendations. If you are coming to the area for breakfast, and a lot of people do as they head out onto the road or the trails, there are a few options in the area. Hot Lava Bakery is one of the best. It’s full of fresh pastries, all made in-house. If you just want great coffee, you can also check out Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters. It’s more like a traditional coffee house rather than your bakery and coffee combo. Neither of these options will let you done, and you are sure to find yourself ready to go for the day.

For lunch (and dinner for the most part), you have a lot of great choices. The Village Bar & Grill is a solid choice for your favorite beers and sandwich options. If there’s a game you want to catch while you are in town, go here. I like to go to Sunriver Brewing, too, which is an excellent choice for those that want craft beers and good food.

If you are looking for something for dinner that’s either fun or more upscale, there are a few great choices here as well. Marcello’s Cucina Italiana is the perfect place for Italian cuisine that’s fresh and vibrant (they even have gluten pasta here!) For Mexican, El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant is sound. It’s a great place to visit for drinks, too. Other options include South Bend Bistro, The Fold Craft Pizza, and Café Cintra.

Shops at The Village at Sunriver

One of the great things about this area is all of the fantastic little shops throughout the area. Check out West Of The Moon novelty store – you never know what type of fun things you will find here. We loved visiting Tumbleweed Toys, as there isn’t really a toy store like this close to our home, and it always is fun to do. You can check out The Hook Fly Shop if you need anything (and I mean anything) for fishing in the area. I also like to visit Cascade Guides and Outfitters for fishing gear. The people here are great and full of good tips.

If you need any food, check out Sunriver Country Store. It’s smaller and quaint but has everything you really need. I also like coming here to get breakfast items for the kids or snacks on a cold day. We really love exploring all of the fun, ready to go meals they have as well. After a long day out on the trail, you want something that’s easily available like this.

Activities at The Village at Sunriver

There are some great other options in the area and things to do. You can check out the Riverscape Arcade, Rent the gear you need to have fun out in the wilderness at 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters, and sample some handmade chocolate at Goody’s Chocolate.

What’s Included

  • Plenty of free parking around the mall.


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