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I adore this toy store in Sunriver, Oregon. Tumbleweed Toys is, in my opinion, the way all toy stores should be. From the building itself, to the wooden floors and the high ceilings, it’s more like a magical cabin in the woods than a toy store in the middle of a town. In fact, the building reminds me of an REI or a sports store, only instead of kayaks and tennis rackets, it’s chock full of toys and games.

This is a great destination with the kids, or if you want to surprise your little ones back in your Sunriver vacation rental, a trip here with your best friend or partner is the perfect way to spend some time in Sunriver. I came here to pick up something for my two little nieces, and I had a hard time choosing because there were so many ideal toys to choose from. Whether you want something educational, or you want something just for sheer fun, you’ll have a lot of options. I don’t go to a lot of toy stores, but for a resort toy store, the prices are really affordable. Also, the toys and games are very, very high quality. For instance, they sell the high quality Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles, with the nice thick pieces that don’t bend when you try to place them.

Location & Environment

As I mentioned, Tumbleweed Toys is in downtown Sunriver. It’s next to Cascade Guides & Outfitters, and behind Sunriver Rocks.  There’s plenty of parking in the general area. The nearest parking area is on the eastern side of the store. If you’re just wandering around the downtown shops area, you won’t be able to miss it. There are two giant picture windows filled with colorful toys and games. If that isn’t a big enough hint, I don’t know what is. The environment inside is simply lovely. The floors are all hardwood, and there’s a nice earthy feel to the whole place.

I was greeted with a friendly hello and a smile as soon as I went inside, and there was just a very good vibe that’s hard to describe. They play fun music, but it’s not too loud; just the right volume. The staff were busy organizing toys and helping parents and kids. I could tell that they made a point of hiring friendly people who enjoy kids and toys. There were probably 10 or so customers in the store when I went, and that was early in the morning. They open at 9 AM and close at 7 PM, seven days a week. Anyway, as I was leaving, it started to get really busy, and I imagine they do a pretty booming business, especially in summer.

Toys Available

Tumbleweed Toys has all the good toy brands. Ravensburger, like I mentioned, Melissa & Doug, Ty, Klutz, Haba, Tonka, Fisher-Price, Lego, and they even have Farber & Castell for art supplies for the kids. As far as specific toys, they have doll babies, pre-school level educational toys, science kits, art kits, jigsaw puzzles, magic kits, paper doll books, coloring books for kids, coloring books for adults, activity books, Frisbees, model airplanes, boomarangs, Rubik’s cubes, stuffed animals, puppets, card games, board games, baking kits, dinosaur kits, Mad Libs books, racing cars …whew, I’m worn out just listing them all. Suffice it to say, that you’ll find something that the child in your life—or the kid in you!—will absolutely love.

Their sign on the outside says fun for all, and I guess they mean it, because there really is a selection of interesting toys and things that adults can enjoy, like hot tub toys, journals, pool toys and inflatables, and a lot of items that would work for a baby shower.

What’s Nearby

While you’re out and about in downtown Sunriver, you might as well do some venturing into some of the other shops and restaurants that are within walking distance. I always like to go to Sunriver Rocks, which is a rock and mineral store. They have the most beautiful and amazing selection of rocks, minerals, fossils and even dino eggs. This is a cool place to bring your well-behaved child. There are a lot of delicate items, but as long as you keep an eye on little Johnny or Susie, all will be well.

If you’re feeling the need for caffeine, try hitting up Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters. They have delicious brew, and you can bring a bag of beans back to your Sunriver vacation rental for the next morning. If your cherished young one has been good, I recommend Goody’s Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop, just a stone’s throw from Tumbleweed Toys. They have a ton of handmade ice cream and other treats that both you and your child can enjoy.


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